5 Tips to Keep Your 'Google My Business' Page Fresh


Are you struggling to keep your new 'Google My Business Page' up-to-date and fresh? Is your page 100% complete but with outdated information? It is so important to make sure your Business page is complete with all the information you are able to add, but not only this you need to make sure you are regularly going back and making new updates to it.

In this article I will discuss 5 tips that you can follow to be able to keep your 'Google My Business Page' current and fresh.

1) Upload regular new images

Images are always a great thing to add to your 'Google My Business Page'. It can offer a unique chance for customers to get an insight into your business. It also allows customers to not only see work or products you offer, but you can also add images of inside your business. You can then start to build a new relationship with your customer; a more personal relationship as they will feel behind the scenes at your business. You need to make sure the images are also current and up-to-date, if a customer sees images that are outdated they may be put off as they may feel your business is also too outdated. If you feel you are going to struggle with what images to show follow these simple rules: - If your business sells products - Then you can simply add images of all the products you sell, or if you have hundreds and hundreds of products, put pictures of your most popular and new products. - If your business offers a service – Then you can take pictures of your work, before and after shots also work very well.

2) Look at editing the description

It is great to have a simple description for your business page when you first set up your profile. But as time goes on you want to try and improve your description each time you edit it. You want to add value to it each time. However you want to also make sure you're not writing too much, this is only a description of your business, you would want to aim for around 50 – 100 words. It is also good practice to include your phone number in this. Also as time goes by you may win awards, this is great to include in your description as it will mean potential customers can see your achievements and know of your business successes.

3) Post regularly from your 'Google My business Page'

'Google My Business' isn't just a profile page for your business, you can also make posts which makes it an extremely powerful asset. Google used to separate the two, you would have one profile for your business (Formally known as Google Places) and one profile to post on (Google+). You now can have both in one dashboard, which makes it a must if you're a local business who are also keen on Social Media. If you already regularly post on Facebook and Twitter, you can simply post the same news onto your 'Google My Business Page'. Be sure to use relevant hashtags in your post too, if you don't use social media at all for your business, read this article to learn more - Where Do I Start With Social Media? A UK Business Owner’s Guide

4) Encourage Reviews from Customers and Clients

Reviews are becoming more and more critical for businesses online. If you're a business who has a 'Google My Business Page' but with no reviews, it is definitely worth contacting your customers and asking them to leave a review on your page. Google now not only look at your profile details, but they also take reviews into account. So if you can manage to get a large number of legitimate reviews left on your account this will certainly help with local SEO. Not only are reviews good from the point of view of Google but for potential customers reviews are also great and can improve conversion rates dramatically! If a potential customer goes onto your 'Google My Business' profile and see a whole load of positive reviews, they are more likely to use your business, compared to a profile with no reviews. You may be a bit apprehensive about receiving reviews as you don't want to receive negative ones. However, if you handle a bad review in the right way you can turn it into a positive. Learn more by reading this article - How to Deal With Bad Reviews for Your Business in Google

5) Make regular edits from your phone

Not only are you able to make edits on your desktop but you can now make edits on the go with the new 'Google My Business' app. Google have recently released the app which allows you to do everything you can do on a desktop, but instead from a mobile device. You can check your insights and make full edits to your profile, making it accessible to you wherever you are. The more you are able to add to your profile the higher it will be regarded with Google. Here is an article which discuses what to expect from the new app - The New Updated ‘Google My Business’ Mobile App – What To Expect

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Article by: Adam Jones