5 Things To Split Test On Your Landing Pages To Ramp Up Conversions

5 Things To Split Test On Your Landing Pages To Ramp Up Conversions.jpg

Are you currently using specific landing pages as a part of your marketing strategy? They are a powerful lead generation tool if you have a solid offer and have got your targeting right. The primary goal of most landing pages is to capture prospect details, including their name, email address etc.

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How are your landing pages currently converting? Are they underperforming? Boosting your landing page conversion rate by a few percent will have a positive impact on your overall bottom line. In this article, I discuss 5 things that you can split test on your landing pages immediately to ramp up your conversions!

Let's get into it...

1) The Headline

Probably the most important element of a landing page. Your headline is always key. It needs to talk to your prospects and connect with them emotionally if you really want to improve conversions. Assess your existing headline by stepping into your prospects shoes and considering whether or not it is engaging enough to spark a reaction. If not, it needs changing. Also, is it relevant to the offer? Does it match any advertising hooks and slogans that direct to this page? Testing your headline can be as simple as changing one or two words or you could change the whole thing. Here are a couple of points to consider when writing your headline:

  • Make sure it is clear
  • Make it relevant
  • Make sure it empathises with your visitor's problems

If you do change your headline, always make a note of what it was before and record the data. Make sure you have enough data before you come to a conclusion on whether or not the split tested headline is better.

2) Copy

The copy on your landing page is another element that is paramount to its success. Your landing page copy again needs to be concise, relevant and straight to the point. It should include features, benefits, guarantees if possible, proof etc. If you are thinking of split testing the copy on your landing page here are some things to consider:

  • Add more sub-headlines throughout
  • Make sure there are plenty of bullet points
  • Use inclusive language
  • Use action-oriented language
  • Use value-oriented language
  • Write in second person
  • Layout and structure
  • Clarity

Whether you change a few sentences, an entire paragraph or the majority of your landing page copy, split testing it successfully can result in a huge conversion rate boost!

3) Imagery

Images are another big factor on landing pages. Including your main image at the top of the page and other images throughout. Your imagery should be compelling but relevant to your offer. For example, if you are offering a Free Guide your main image should really be an image of the guide front cover. Here are some things you should consider when split testing the imagery on your landing page:

  • Image placement
  • Image size
  • Type of image – i.e. stock photo, person, real photo, cartoon photo
  • Amount of images
  • How the image relates to the user and the offer

Testing your images on your landing page should definitely be one of the things you look at when trying to improve your conversion rate. Images can have a powerful impact on your prospects if they are chosen correctly.

4) Videos

You should always test other types of content on your landing page, aside from the usual text and images. It is always worth testing having a video vs not having a video, especially for demonstrations and tutorials. Customer review videos on landing pages showing proof of your offer can also work well. A few other videos you can try on your landing page and things to test are:

  • Sound vs no sound
  • Autoplay vs no autoplay
  • Whiteboard videos
  • Actual demonstrations
  • Case studies
  • A video backing up your offer, stating the benefits of it and how it will work etc.

5) Form

The last element I am going to discuss in this article is the form on your landing page. The form, the fields and how it is laid out can prove crucial to your conversion rate. You should always ask for as few details as possible dependent on the offer. So if the offer is worth more your form length should mirror that and be a bit longer. Typical form fields include name, email, phone number, address, job role etc. A few examples of things to test on your form are:

  • Amount of fields
  • How the form looks, i.e. field colour, background colour, shape etc.
  • The submit button colour and text
  • What the fields say
  • A form headline vs no headline
  • In-line verification
  • Multi-step forms


Increasing your overall profits, bottom line and ultimately growing your business is always going to be one of your most important business goals. Your landing pages can really help you do this. If they are not performing well for you currently, split testing them with some of the ideas in this article will definitely help ramp up your conversions! Always remember, only test one element at a time and make sure you have enough data before you decide whether or not the test was successful.

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