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Will be holding a brand new event: The Magic Of Marketing – How To Personalise And Automate Your Marketing. Stay tuned for more details over the coming weeks, but here is the overview:

This will be a FREE event and open to anyone interested in improving their marketing
It will be hosted at our offices on Pride Park, Derby
It will run from 2.30pm-5.30pm, with nibbles/snacks and refreshments provided and time for networking
Parking is free
Places will be restricted to a maximum of 15
By attending, you will learn:

  • How sales and marketing have changed – especially in a B2B environment
  • How to make your marketing work ‘like magic’
  • How to know WHO has been visiting your website
  • How to personalise your website to each individual visitor
  • Ultimately, you’re going to learn how to build an automated pipeline of enquiries and create a ‘conveyor belt’ of qualified sales opportunities that will give your business a stable and reliable platform for growth in the years ahead.

You’ll also get the inside track on the technology and tactics which most of your competitors won’t yet have discovered – but you’ll need to act fast!

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One Day Marketing Strategy Workshops

These workshops are your opportunity to come and discover the latest marketing strategy, tactics and technology from the people implementing them successfully.

Come and learn, network with professional and innovative business owners and also meet the senior team at JDR and evaluate us as a potential partner for you and your business.

These events are open to any business owner or director that wants to better understand how to attract customers to their business.

Free Marketing Seminars

We run occasional short but information-packed free seminars to give you the chance to get the latest marketing techniques and open your mind to new possibilities for your business.

Client Training

These include free website training sessions and also free one day workshops which are exclusive for clients of JDR – a great perk of becoming a customer and working with us!

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Dave And Will At Inbound 2016 Boston


Every year, HubSpot host their annual Inbound marketing conference in Boston, Massachusetts. Inbound 2016 was the third time we have attended, but our first as HubSpot Gold Partners and both myself and (JDR MD) Dave got a lot from the 4 days we were there, being able to meet and learn from some of the best online marketers on the planet. Inbound has also become a huge event now, with over 18,000 people attending this year.

Reviews Of JDR's Birmingham Marketing Workshop: How To Get Customers Coming To You

It’s now Thursday evening as I write this, reflecting on our latest marketing workshop, held at Fort Dunlop in Birmingham.

Once again, it was a day that me and the team at JDR enjoyed immensely – it’s always great to meet business owners, hear their stories and understand their marketing challenges.

I was struck by the growing pressure on business owners to keep up with a marketing world in which things are changing faster and faster.

I personally felt that the major difference with our workshops is that they are not just about the tactics… in other words, not just about the latest trends and fads but about the whole marketing strategy.

25th Nov 2015 - One Day Marketing Workshop: Birmingham, West Midlands

'How To Get Customers Coming To You - Qualified & Ready To Buy'

A one day marketing workshop in Birmingham, this is the latest in our series of events designed for owners and directors of B2B companies, where you can learn how to attract more high spending customers in a measurable, predictable way without spending thousands of pounds on advertising.

How To Get Customers Coming To You: A One-Day Marketing Workshop For B2B Companies

‘How To get Customers Coming To You’ is a new one-day marketing workshop from the JDR Group. On August 19th, myself and my co-host David Roberts held the first of these events at the newly-opened Derby Arena (otherwise known as the Velodrome), on Pride Park in Derby.

The full title of the event is How To Get Customers Coming To You, Qualified And Ready To Buy – and it’s all about how you can create an automated pipeline of enquiries coming to your business in a consistent, measurable way. It’s designed specifically for B2B companies (manufacturers, engineers, software companies, business services providers, consultants and construction companies) rather than companies that sell products or services to the general public.