Why You Should Think Twice About Stopping Marketing If It Is Going Well

Why You Should Think Twice About Stopping Marketing If It Is Going Well.jpg

So you've spent the last few years working with your marketing team or firm and have finally achieved the goals you set out for. You're getting lots of traffic to your website, your conversions are high and your profits are climbing at a nice, steady rate. So now you don't have to bother spending money on marketing anymore, right?

Unfortunately, that's not quite how it works. In this article I'll explain why stopping your marketing is never a good idea, even if you are seeing success.

Word Of Mouth Is Not Reliable

Once you start getting lots of traffic and conversions, the temptation is to stop marketing. You think “If I'm getting this much traffic I must be well known!” Well, the problem with this kind of thinking is it forgets to consider why people know your business. It's because of your successful marketing tactics grabbing people's attention. Your videos and articles and adverts have grabbed your target audience and won them over. Without that content though, the only way new leads will learn of your business is through word of mouth, and this is not reliable at all. It relies on previous customers perfectly remembering you website address and contact details (and believe me... they won't). So if you want to keep that incline in profit, don't start removing the strategies that allow customers to find you! Learn more about how word of mouth isn't always the best marketing method - Why Is Word Of Mouth Marketing No Longer A Sustainable Way Of Bringing In New Clients?

People Will Forget & Move On

If you're not marketing, you have nothing to remind your loyal customers what you have to offer (or make them aware of new products). People love trends and you aren't going to be one if you can't match the aggressive marketing strategies that trending products use. All the loyal customers you had lined up to buy your product or use your service will hurry off to get the latest new toy and you won't have any means to get them back. Because of this, it's important that even if you feel comfortable that your customers are contacting you regularly, you shouldn’t stop sending reminders of your product.

Your Competition Won't Stop

You may be happy with your current growth and profit, but your competition may not be so satisfied. When you stop marketing there's nothing to stop that rival business from surpassing you and taking all your hard earned leads. A business that is marketing will always grow faster than a business that isn't. Don't let all the hard work and money you've put into your marketing go to waste by relaxing as other businesses fight over securing your leads. I'm a strong believer that competition drives people forward, and if you aren't involved in the competition, you aren't going to be the ones who are innovating and pushing your industry forward.

Don't You Want To Continue To Grow?

If you have decided that you're happy with your growth and conversion rate, it becomes easy to get complacent. Why would you not want to continue to grow? If you aren't digitally marketing you have no chance of breaking into the international market. All the potential clients that don't have access to a product like yours in their country are eagerly waiting to get their hands on yours, but they don't know it exists yet, and if you don't market to them they never will! There's always a reason to grow your business further.


As I have said, there's never a good reason to stop marketing. If you do you could lose your leads, your clients and you'll lose the ability to grow. Just look at a company like Coca-Cola. They are such a giant brand that you would think that they have no reason to market! Everyone knows them and their products are in every shop. Yet they do continue to market because they know that if they don't, even they could lose the top spot to the next new thing. And the same could happen to you so keep up your marketing and keep up your growth!

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