Stressed With E-Commerce Sales? 10 Straightforward Tips To Boost Product Sales


Are you stressed and worried about the online sales on your website? Have you implemented changes which just haven’t worked? Selling online can be a real struggle when orders and sales slowdown. One of the biggest points you need to take on board is that you always need to be trying and testing new changes on your website. The more points you’re able to test the sooner you will find out what works for your website. In this article, I will be discussing 10 simple and straightforward tips that you can incorporate today, if you have any questions please feel free to comment below.

Let’s begin with these 10 tips…

1.  Show product price & delivery in a clear format

Many websites try and be clever when showing product information and they overcomplicate the whole process. You need to make sure that your product prices are clear and easy to understand. If you’re displaying a price which does not include VAT then state this clearly to the user. If you do not state that prices do not include VAT, then when the potential buyer gets to the final payment section they’re much more likely to leave your website. This is because they will feel you’ve hidden the true cost of the product.

It’s also important to show delivery in a clear format. If you offer a wide variety of delivery options then you need to make sure they’re all clear to see. Having a small information box next to each delivery option can also work well. This can often help to answer any questions which the potential buyer could have.


2. Show high resolution Images from all angles

There is no doubt about it, images can say 100 words and it’s the most important part of your product page. Who would buy a product if they can’t even see what the product looks like? Not only is it important to show the product but you need to make sure you’re showing the user the best quality image of the product. The more details the user can see the more likely they are to buy it. As well as showing the main product image, it’s also important to show the product from different angles. This again will give the user more information and can potentially lead to the sale.


3. Include product reviews in priority order

We live in an age where reviews matter, they can be the difference between a sale and no sale. If you’ve received positive product reviews then why not show them off? Having a review section on your product page gives the user more information and can be a huge factor as to if they purchase the product or not. Showing reviews is one thing but how you display them is another. You need to make sure that you show them in an order that works for both the user and you. You can have the order as the top rated first, or newest first. This all comes down to what you have to use and show.


4. Include video of product

This is a new feature that a lot of online sellers are capitalising on. Having a video of your product in use can dramatically increase website sales. If the user has the chance to see the product in use they’re much more likely to be persuaded as to whether they want it or not. If you’re selling clothes then add a product video of a model wearing the outfit or accessory. If you sell items for around the house, show a video of the item in the perfect environment. If you sell toys then show the toy being used.

This is a new feature that many online businesses are starting to use. If you can get the perfect video you will be surprised with what impact it could potentially have on sales.

Include_video_of_product.png5. Check product page load time

There is no doubt about it, everyone hates a slow loading website and if your product pages are slow to load this could completely destroy any chance you have of having online sales. You need to make sure that you’re running your website through online tools that monitor how quick your website is.

If you discover that your website and product pages are slow to load then you need to take immediate action. Contact your website team and get them on the case. Learn more about how important website speed is with this great article - Can Website Load Speed Impact Customer Sales?

Check_product_page_load_time.png6. Add a detailed product description

People love to know just what it is that they’re thinking of buying. The more details about the product you’re able to give the better position you will be in to get the sale. You need to make sure that your products all have a detailed unique description. The more information you’re able to add the better it will be for the user.

If you also find that you’re getting asked the same questions about a product then why not answer this within the product details?


7. Show related products where possible

Related products can work very well for guiding potential buyers through your website. It gives them a chance to see what else you offer as a business and if you select the right related products to show on the right products it can prompt the user to potentially order more from your website. Again this is something you can test. You could perhaps place 4 items as related products for a certain popular product and then you can monitor how they do. If there are not many extra sales coming then you can swap the current related products for different ones.


8. Make the payment process quick and easy

There’s nothing worse than getting to the product cart page to find out that you have to create an account before you can place the order. Yes it’s great to get as much information from the buyer so you can reach out to them in the future but it can impact your sales. If you offer a quick and easy service then there is a much higher chance that the buyer will return and order from your website again.

The best way to test how easy your order process is is to ask existing customers or even try the process for yourself.

8._Make_the_payment_process_quick_and_easy.png9. Promote seasonal voucher codes

Having seasonal voucher codes for your website can work really well, they can make users buy items that they wouldn’t have originally thought of buying. If you do have a voucher code which is only valid for a certain time period then you need to promote this as much as you can. Emailing all existing customers can work very well and also sharing it across your Social Media accounts will help.

The more people that learn about the voucher code and visit the more chance you have of making extra sales across your whole website.

Promote_seasonal_voucher_code.png10. Make sure products look great on mobile devices

This is one of the biggest points that you need to take away and test for yourself. If you test your website and product pages on a mobile device and they don’t look good and are not easy to use then you need to address this urgently. Online purchases made on Mobile Devices has rapidly increased over the past 24 months and the trend is showing no signs at all of slowing down. Mobiles have always been referred to as the future, and now it’s time to make sure your website is mobile friendly. Find out more details about why you should have a mobile friendly website with this article - 5 Reasons You Need To Have A Mobile Friendly Website.

Make_sure_products_look_great_on_mobile_devices2.pngFinal Thoughts

Whatever it is that your website sells you need to make sure that you’re spending regular time reviewing and analysing your website. You need to be looking where the most sales are coming from and what areas need improving. If you’re able to review all the information and data you have then you can start to make positive changes to your website which will lead to more product interaction and more website sales.

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