Marketing your Business in Derby? Here are 3 Things you Need to Know


There are many factors which you will have to consider when you are preparing a marketing plan for your business. Your business’ marketing plan will depend completely on the type of your business, for example whether your business is B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer). It will also depend on what type of industry your business specialises in. Another factor to consider is the location of where you would like to target your marketing.

There are 3 main things you need to know when you are marketing your business in Derby. 

1 – Events and Exhibitions

One thing which you should carry out within your marketing plan is looking out for local events; this is because you can advertise at the events if they are related to your businesses industry. You can also talk about these events on your social media channels which could create amplification and allow you to engage with your audience.

There are many events which take place each year in Derby. Some of the upcoming events in Derby are:

  • Hardwick Hall Food Festival (3 May 2014 - 5 May 2014)
  • Craft Show (3 May 2014 - 5 May 2014)
  • Private Hire and Taxi Exhibition (13-14 May 2014)
  • The Donington Park Toy & Collectors Fair (22 Jun 2014)
  • The Derbyshire County Show (22 Jun 2014)

The Donington Park Toy & Collectors Fair is a great opportunity for your organisation if you specialise in toy making, supplying collectables or other related niches. At this event there will be 500 stalls and some of these will be refreshment stalls, so even if your business specialises in catering or refreshments this will still be a great opportunity for you!

The Derbyshire County Show would also be a great opportunity for your business because this event showcases a wide variety of products like organic food, home utility products, building tools, bike and vehicle maintenance apparatus and more. So if you believe that your business could benefit from attending an event, then this event may be perfect for you.

The Private Hire and Taxi Exhibition is also another fantastic opportunity which your business can grab if you would like to showcase your business relating to Vehicles, Taximeters, Lubricants, Oils and more. 

There are also many more events and exhibitions which your business can attend in Derby and these are all great occasions where you can offer your services.

If you would like to find more networking events in Derby then this website could help you: 

2 – Groups to join

Another aspect to consider when you are marketing your business in Derby is to join groups. You can join a variety of good networking groups.

There are many groups in Derby which are available for business owners, for example Kaizen Derby, BNI, Business for Breakfast, and Derby Business Hub.

Joining a networking group can be very helpful for your business because you are able to share your business ideas by interacting with other local businesses. A networking group will also benefit your business substantially, because you can gain a range of business advice. The type of advice which you could gain could be things such as:

  • Business strategies
  • How to increase profits
  • Leadership skills
  • Sales and marketing tips
  • Time management
  • Training strategies for your team
  • Customer service
  • Financial planning
  • Recruiting and interviewing

All of the above can help your business gain new sales opportunities and not only can joining a group help you gain new skills for your business but you can also gain new skills for yourself personally. 

3 – Targeting big companies

Another factor to consider when you are marketing in Derby is to do research on the biggest companies in Derby. You should want to be aware and be informed about the biggest companies and their services, this is because if a big company is holding an event then you could offer your services to them. Alternatively if you have done research about their organisation and you believe that your businesses services can help them in some way, then you may want to think of a marketing strategy so you are able to approach and present this idea to them.

Three of the biggest companies in Derby are Rolls Royce, Toyota Motor Corporation and Bombardier Transportation. There are still many more large companies in Derby which your business can target, however depending on the type of business you have, you will need to find the biggest company in Derby which is related to your business’ sector or do some research and see which companies you believe you will be an asset for.

In conclusion these three marketing factors will help not only your business but also you yourself. They will help you gain new sales opportunities, gain new skills and also gain a good local knowledge of where you are marketing.

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Article by Amber Haynes