I Need More Leads For My Business! Here's How To Get Them…



Have a startup or a successful business but keep thinking “I need more leads”? Creating new ways of reaching out to customers and expanding the pool of potential leads is key for a business to develop and grow, but it can be daunting.

Lead generation is one of the toughest aspects of running a business, but thankfully there are easy tips and tricks to solve the common problem of needing more leads. Read on for some ideas on how you can make your current assets work harder for you, and some ideas for outreach to draw in more visitors and potential clients.

Make your website work harder for you

One of the first places that businesses fall down is to have a website that is not working for them. Perhaps the design is cluttered and unclear, or perhaps they have all the information but no real engagement from visitors.

A simple way to make your website work for you is to keep it active, keep the content interesting and invite users to engage with your business. Add a blog for quick updates on the business, as well as offers and discounts, and visitors will see that the business has an active web presence. Put your contact details front and centre to ensure that people are not having to search for the information they need.

Most importantly, give users a chance to give their details voluntarily through calls to action. Got an offer that you’d like to promote? Add a pop up when a user first visits your site to deliver it directly to their screen, and ask them for a few basic contact details to take advantage of it. You will soon generate a database of leads for further business, and give your clients or customers something worthwhile straight away, making them more amenable to your contact later.

Do some free and paid social media outreach

The beauty of social media is that if you work regularly at it, it will generate leads for you without you having to spend anything. Send out regular updates and engage your business’ contacts to give them a quick and simple way to reach out to you and to stay up to date with offers and services. Though it is often overlooked, LinkedIn can be a solid lead generation tool for businesses, allowing you to connect with useful contacts and to engage with other users through question and answer sessions and discussions.

If you are still thinking “I need more leads!”, you can put some money behind the social media outreach. Purchase a few of the reasonably-priced ads on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (depending on your audience), and get your message spread further. You will be surprised at how quickly people will start to visit your site or take advantage of a sale offer.

Become an industry leader

A steadfast way of generating leads is to raise your profile both on and offline. Take part in networking events, and put your business forward for awards and panel participation at industry events. You will engage with an audience already predisposed to your business sector, and you can easily spread contact details through published literature such as flyers or business cards. You can then spread the influence further by announcing your participation on social media, and blogging about your experiences and thoughts. Guest blog on other people’s sites to make your business synonymous with “expert”, and lead generation should be quite simple as people learn to trust you and your brand.

After following the lead generation tips and tricks above, you will no longer be thinking “I need more leads for my business”. Instead, you will have a varied range of potential sources for clients and customers that are quick and easy to implement and use. At JDR, lead generation is what we do best. Why sink your marketing budget into expensive and inefficient outbound adverts when you can get leads to come to you through proven inbound marketing techniques? To speak with one of our marketing specialists, give us a call today on 01332 343281.