Get More Website Traffic and Increase Leads and Sales with Effective SEO


Consumer product research and spending habits sure have changed in the last twenty years. No longer are people automatically turning to the Yellow Pages to find a new lorry, dry cleaner, or hair stylist. Instead, the new default search option is the internet. In fact, HubSpot reports that 61% of the world’s internet users search for products online. Given that information, every business that wants to succeed online should invest in a top tier website, right? Yes, but when people go online to search for a product or service your business sells, how are they going to find your site? Through well-researched, effective SEO.

Why SEO?

Search engine optimisation or SEO, should be one of the many tools you use in your online marketing strategy. Why? Simply put, it is one of a handful of very effective ways to get more website traffic. Pew Research reports that an impressive 86% of consumers said that the use of a search engine led to new information that gave them more knowledge than they had previously. So, it stands to reason that effective search engine optimisation will result in more visitors to your website. People go online, perform an organic search, and your SEO-optimised website or landing page appears in their search results.

Still not convinced about the benefits of SEO? Here are three more reasons why investing in SEO makes sense.

  • The competition is already doing it. A business owner who isn’t always working to increase his online presence and improve his position in search rankings is losing business to competitors who are effectively using SEO.

  • It is cost-effective. The ROI for search engine optimisation can be impressive relative to that of other efforts, such as pay-per-click (PPC), email marketing, or social media marketing. Sure, social media can help define a business brand, and PPC can bring in revenue, but much of the foundation of the company’s online presence is earned through SEO.

  • Content is king. Google and other search engines look for quality and relevance when ranking a web page. Effective SEO and quality content go hand in hand and can improve search rankings.

The last reason on the list, creating quality content, is the most efficient SEO tactic. In fact, content is primary in SEO.

SEO Content Strategies

Whether you want to improve your online presence or increase online sales, there are myriad SEO tactics you can employ to meet your goals. First though, you must research which keywords are best to use for your target consumers. You can identify the best keywords through sites like Google Analytics and WordTracker.

Once you’ve determined the best keywords and phrases, you must begin building your content strategy. A good place to start is on the website itself. Since Google favours websites that are regularly updated, use SEO every time you refresh the content on your site. When you do that, your site will rise in the rankings and you’ll get more website traffic.

Next, integrate your SEO into your social media accounts. For example, use natural language to complete the About, Company Description, and Mission pages on your Facebook account. Focus on a few critical keywords, but not too many, as Google could ding your page.

A note about keywords: Consumer habits, likes and dislikes change, so keywords should not be considered static. They require consistent monitoring and updating in order to remain effective. Just as you would use Google Analytics to find initial keywords to use, it’s important to revisit the information regularly and make changes as necessary.

If no one can find your website, the money and time you investment in it will be wasted. However, by using effective SEO strategies, you will elevate your online presence. That means you’ll get more website traffic and increased online sales. Lead people to your business through effective use of search engine optimisation.

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Article by Leanne Mordue