How Reviewing Your Internal Page Layout Can Help Improve Visitor Conversions

How Reviewing Your Internal Page Layout Can Help Improve Visitor Conversions

When a visitor lands on your website your end goal is for them to take action, whether it be a website purchase or a service enquiry. You may not think it but the actual layout of your internal pages can play a massive part in your visitor conversion rate. When reviewing your internal page layout, you must consider the below points:

Make Sure Your Offers/CTAs Are Clear

One of the most important features of your internal layout is to make sure your offers and CTAs (Call to Actions) and clear to see and are direct. Don’t try and be clever with the wording on your offer or CTA as this could confuse your visitor and make them not want to click to the next step. Keep it clear, simple and easy to know what the next step is. You also want to test and update your offers and CTAs as this can help increase your current conversion rate. Even the simplest thing like colour can play a massive factor in your visitor conversion rate.

Make Enquiry Forms Clear & Precise (Don’t Make Them Too Complicated!)

No matter what your business does you will always have at least 1 enquiry form on your website. The biggest turn off for visitors when viewing an enquiry form is the form length and questions asked. The last thing you want to do is to make your enquiry form complicated as this will just make visitors not want to complete it. You need to make sure it’s a clear design and the questions are simple to see and answer. Only ask the questions that you actually need to know the answers to. The more at ease a visitor feels the more likely they’re to complete your enquiry form.

Make Prices Clear & Don’t Hide Anything!

If you’re an e-commerce business and sell products online the worst mistake you can ever make is hiding the actual price from visitors. There is nothing worse than seeing a price on a website page, clicking add to cart and then for extra taxes and prices to be added, meaning the price isn’t as good as first thought. People who visit your website want to be able to see the correct and real prices of products straight away, and if you try and hide extra costs this will only ever result in people being turned off your products once they get to your checkout page. Not only do you want to make the prices correct but you also need to make sure they’re clear to see. Run a quick test on your website now, take a look at one of your product pages and see how clear it is to see the price. If you need to scroll down or need to dig into the product content you need to make changes today! The price is one of the main points a visitor will focus on once hitting your product page. The easier you make the process for a visitor the more likely they’re to make a purchase from your business.

Build Trust With Testimonials & Case Studies

In the world we live in today everyone looks at reviews and testimonials before making any choice. One of the most powerful weapons you can use on your internal pages is to include positive customer testimonials and reviews. The more ‘proof’ you get that your products and services are actually useful the more likely a website visitor is to take action on your page. The same can be said for case studies, if you’re able to craft a successful case study together this can work absolute wonders for your business. This is such a simple but effective feature to use across your website.

Run Tests & Updates On Your Main Headline

Never ever just stick with one headline on your page and leave it there for years. You always want to be trying new headlines to see how visitors react to it. One of the first points a visitor will see and take note of is your pages main headline. If this does not connect with that they’re expecting to see this will more than likely result in the visitor leaving your website. You need to make sure you’re testing new headlines and monitoring how successful they are. Sometimes it may be the case that your latest headline just isn’t engaging with new visitors and you’ll then need to take action on this. Never get to the point where you just leave a headline to sit and rot on your website, always strive to get the best possible results from your headline.

The Next Steps…

Once you’ve reviewed your internal page layouts you should now have a list of action points that you need to work through. Working through these updates will allow you to get even more visitor conversions from your website and for your business. If it’s the case you’re not sure what you need to do next don’t worry! Call us today on 01332 343 281 or submit an enquiry to speak to one of our experts.

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