How Do You Know You Need To Redesign Your Business Website? Four Areas To Consider When Making Your Decision


A recent study conducted by a leading university in America states, “75% of people judge the credibility of a company based on the design of its website”. This statistic underlines how important your website is to your business in today's modern competitive market. It proves that having a professional looking website is crucial to a businesses success. As more and more of us consume websites at work, at home and on the move, it’s vital that your business website looks and performs professionally to give your prospects confidence in your business. Ask yourself this, How many times have you been on a website in the last month and clicked off the homepage within 20 seconds because the website looks bad? I bet when you think about it, more than you think. Don't let your website be one of those that is discarded quickly.

With so many new technology and website trends, how do you know when it’s really time to redesign your website? The areas below will help you understand if you website is in need of a redesign.

Do you struggle to make simple changes to your website?

HubSpot’s Marketing Blog outline's a great point when they say, “Content management systems (CMS) have come a long way over the years, so today, there’s no excuse for not using one to easily manage your website content without the use of code.” As you maybe aware, it is so much easier to keep your website updated with relevant content without having to involve your web development team using intelligent CMS systems. This gives your marketing team great power in having the ability to quickly add content and make changes to meet the needs of you market. To delve deeper into content management systems please read this blog article by the JDR Group to further your knowledge:

Your Current Design Isn't Responsive

Does your website provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices - desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones? If not, you should know that a responsive design allows visitors to easily read and navigate your website. Don’t be fooled and ignore this sign because you would be missing out on market share to competition. In today's modern, on the move environment, how many of your prospect's are looking at your business on a phone or tablet before making the decision to get in contact with you? This could be costing you thousands of pounds in potential sales and profit.To find out more about responsive website design please read this blog article:

Can't find your website on Google

If your website is still in Flash or if content on your website wasn’t written with current SEO trends in mind, it may be time for an update. Today, search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo have changed quite a bit over the years and you want to ensure that potential customers can find you online. The JDR Group have written lots of articles regarding search engines and rankings. Please follow this link to find out more:

Waiting forever for a website to load

We have all experienced a slow loading website, and it is frustrating!  This can leave a bad impression on existing clients looking for information, but even worse it makes a bad first impression on new clients. A recent survey by a leading online watchdog noted that “every second counts because 40% of people will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load” This is a big problem if your website is slow loading. Not only that, a slow website will negatively affect your search engine ranking.

Each business will have different expectations and performance needs to meet the needs of its prospects and customers. Your goal could simply be to have a professional looking website that reflects your business brand, loads fast and is available on all devices. 

Your goal for you business website could take a more aggressive stance and you may want your website to generate quality sales leads and nurture leads through the buyers journey. 

Which one do you think your business requires to meet the needs of the modern user/buyer?

The web design and development team at JDR Group are experts in creating inbound-friendly websites that meet any business need. Our proven process provides a high quality website design in a timely, efficient manner. If you’re interested in learning more about how JDR can help you with your website project please contact us on 01332 343 281.

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Article by Dale Bonser