Does Reverse IP Software Really Work For Bringing In New Customers?

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Reverse IP software plays a huge part in helping your business target new customers. It can give you a much better idea of who is visiting your site. While website analytics track things like the number of visitors or traffic, page views and bounce rate, reverse IP software takes this to the next level. The result of this can mean being able to bring in new customers, but only if you know how to properly take advantage of using the software.

What Is Reverse IP Software?

Reverse IP software is, to put it simply, software that tells you who is visiting your website. Everyone who uses a computer has an IP (Internet Protocol) address. You do, I do, everyone does. Reverse IP software takes your IP address and gets as much information about you and anyone who shares the same IP address as it can. This includes your email address and telephone number as well as some behavioural information such as keyword searches, which pages you visit and how long you spend on those pages. All of this is tracked when you enter a website with reverse IP software.

Essentially, reverse IP software allows you to see exactly who is visiting your website and build up a profile for them. This means that you can see those who may be interested in your products or services, get some information about them, and actually get into contact with them to see how interested they may actually be.

What Are The Benefits Of Reverse IP Software?

There are a lot of potential benefits of reverse IP software. A huge benefit is, of course, being able to see who is visiting your site rather than just how many. Sure, being able to see how many people visit your site is very important in itself in analysing the success of your marketing strategy but being able to see who these people are really takes it to the next level. You can see the type of customers that are visiting your site the most and shift your focus more on them.

Furthermore, as you can get their contact information, you can use this as a platform to start email campaigns and cold calling. You can pick and choose which potential customers you’d like to contact as you will also be able to track which visitors are organic and which are paid. Having organic traffic is always something you’ll want to improve on and take advantage of. Check out our article on 3 Ways To Increasing Organic Traffic & How To Track Progress to learn more about this. In addition to this, you can see who has spent the most time on your site and which pages they’ve been most active on, which will help you see if the visitor has an interest in the products or services your business provides regardless of whether they fill out an enquiry form or not.

Does Reverse IP Software Really Help Bring In New Customers?

Reverse IP Software does help bring in new customers but only if you know how to take advantage of it. It will not magically increase your enquiries on its own. As mentioned above, it can help your business target the right potential customers but you still have to work to win over these visitors. There is no guarantee that any of the visitors the software tracks will end up being interested in your products or services when you call or email them. The software just allows you to see who has been visiting your site, what they have been viewing and how long they’ve been viewing it for. It won’t tell you if they are definitely interested or even if they like your website. If you’re worried that your website isn’t giving customers the right impression of your business, check out our 7 Step Checklist To Creating A Polished, Interactive Website For Lead Generation!

However, without this software, you won’t know who is visiting your website and won’t be able to see certain trends such as which types of customers visit your website the most. Knowing who is visiting your site not only allows you to get into contact with certain people who may already be interested in your products, it allows you to focus more on marketing to those types of customers so that you get more interest in the future.

Are You Ready To Take Advantage Of Reverse IP Software?

Reverse IP software can be a godsend to your business if used and taken advantage of correctly. Are you unsure if you will be able to take advantage of this software? Is your current marketing campaign not getting you the leads you want? It may be time to start working with a marketing agency such as the JDR Group.

Here at JDR, we cater for businesses in a wide range of industries and help them by creating a marketing strategy as well as content to help generate more leads. Check out our 6-Step Marketing Process to find out more about how we can help you achieve the amount of traffic you’d like to see. You’re just one call away from getting those extra leads you’ve been waiting for.

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