Using Case Studies To Help You Win More Proposals

Using case studies to help you win more proposals

Whenever customers are looking to purchase a new product or service, they can often be skeptical about the feature and benefits of this, along with the price too. This is usually exaggerated when customers are looking into entering a long-term contract. In these cases, simply reassuring the customer may not be enough, and our experts at JDR have found that it is often better to show customers rather than tell them. The best way to do this is through the use of case studies, showing the benefits of your product and services to customers, as well as offering quantifiable and empirical results.

Case studies are a relatively easy way of creating content for your promotional material, often only requiring consent, a testimonial, photographs and an overview of the services used and the end results of this. As such, incorporating case studies can be a great way to help you win more proposals, as well as offering a number of other benefits.

Benefits Of Case Studies

1. It Offers Clients Hard Facts & Figures

Many customers may be skeptical about accepting potential increases in productivity and efficiency from the source company. As such, by offering them a contextual case study, they can see the benefits of your products and services within a similar scenario to their own, which will increase their trust in you. Equally, they will not want to lose out to their competitors, so showing the impact your company can have on theirs will increase the chances of you completing your deal.

2. Highlights Your Experience

As well as offering potential clients tangible results, case studies also show your experience in the market and specific industry. If a potential client knows that you have worked with an industry leader, they are likely to want to work with you too, so that you can share your knowledge and experience with them.

3. SEO optimisation

Case studies are also an excellent way to increase your website’s SEO optimised content. By incorporating keywords into your content, you can help to increase your SEO and your Google Rankings, with very little effort on your behalf.

Case Study Placement

Once you have created your case studies, you can place them anywhere. If you have designed them specifically for your website, then you can put them in your blog, on the sidebar or even create a whole new section for them. Equally, you can share them as marketing material, through newsletters, via email or even on social media – the possibilities and subsequent benefits are practically endless.

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