Marketers: 6 New Year Resolutions You Can Actually Stick To!

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It is now the start of 2014 and the gyms are packed with well-meaning people who have set their new year’s resolutions. By the time March comes around though, it will be a different story…

In 2014 it is fundamental for you to increase your enquires, website conversions, sales and profitability to ensure you continually drive forward. In order to do that, you’ll need to make certain commitments – so here are 6 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions you should set and stick to to get your business into great shape this year!

1) Monitor Analytics at least once a Month

You need to monitor your Analytics every month so that you can determine how successful your website is during each month. You want to know how many website visitors you have received, how many pages they are viewing, which pages are viewed the most and which webpages are viewed least, how many conversions your website is gaining and more. This will then help you determine what your future website strategy should be. You want to ensure that people are viewing several pages on your website which will encourage them further to enquire about your products and services. You want your website to perform effectively. It is important to review your website results regularly, in particular every month. You can then determine exactly what is required to boost your success.  

2) Create more video

Video has a large impact on prospects as video is something that so many people enjoy as part of their everyday lives. By using this platform you will really capture your prospects attention effectively. You are really demonstrating to your prospects that your business has an extensive level of expertise in your field. Social media and social sharing sites have a great impact on how many times a video is viewed. Many videos now go viral due to having such a quick impact and engaging thousands of comments from people. You need to find out the aspects of videos which are likely to have a huge impact on your prospects. Like advertising there are many different adverts, however the most memorable ones are those which create a deeper level meaning in their prospects minds.

3) Make your Marketing Mobile

In order to make your business and your website stand out from your competitors you need to be involved in Mobile Marketing. There are multiple mobile marketing strategies you could use to drive forward your success. Two key strategies you should look into further are a mobile optimised website version and a mobile app to showcase your business capabilities. You want prospects to easily navigate through your website so that they can find the products or services they most want to purchase. You want them to easily view and read your content and photos. This will provide prospects with an additional reason to keep searching on your website.

4) Write One Article a Week

If you create a target for your business to write one article each week, this will be included as part of your weekly priority list. It may be that your article will be uploaded on your news feed or your website, your company blog and or your social media channels. This is part of a larger strategy to keep your prospects and existing customers regularly informed about your updates. Your articles don’t have to be extremely long they just need to have a clear overview about your business activities and capabilities. This helps to build up a positive reputation about your business. It is also important to include relevant images with your articles. This visually will interest prospects to read more of your articles. You should try and include Calls to Action in articles where necessary. This is particularly useful for blog articles where you are trying to build up your contact database. You want to attract new customers to buy from your business.

5) Keep the Activity High on Social Media Profiles

Social Media is an extremely powerful platform to promote your business capabilities. You need to diversely promote your business through different social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. This will increase the reputation of your business, your corporate awareness and will encourage interactivity with your potential customer base so that comments will be posted. You need to post a range of announcements relating to your products and services themselves and your industry. You can additionally upload a range of photos to showcase your current activities. Your business may be involved in a range of events and important ones should be shared with your prospects and followers through social media. You need to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Promote your Product Unique Selling Points. You need to show what your business can offer to prospects, different from other similar companies. You need to regularly keep encouraging them to buy from you.

6) Clearly Define the Marketing Campaigns you use Every Month

You should ensure that you have an integrated approach towards all your campaigns. This will improve your success as it will expand the overall presence of your business. You need to determine the goals for all your campaigns so that you have a clear vision for success. If you have a few campaigns which are crucial to your success ensure that you integrate these first. You should also look into detail about the measured results so that you can accurately determine your future marketing campaigns. Your campaigns are also part of your overall Digital Marketing strategy so it is important to take a focussed approach. 


Article by: Laura Morris-Richardson

photo credit: T@H!R - طاھر via photopin cc