5 Reasons Why You MUST Complete A Weekly Check Of Your Live AdWords Campaign

5 Reasons Why You MUST Complete A Weekly Check Of Your Live AdWords Campaign

Many businesses fall into the trap of forgetting about their AdWords campaign once they’ve spent the time setting it up. Many people believe that the initial work when creating a Google AdWords campaign is the most important step and once they’ve done this their campaign will be guaranteed success. This is completely the wrong thought process to have and you need to make sure you’re making regular checks. In this article, I will be discussing 5 reasons why it’s so important for you to complete weekly checks of your AdWords campaign.

Let’s get started with the first point…

1. Check Your Overall Spend

The first and most important check you need to be performing is how much money you’ve actually spent in your campaign. From this check, you’re able to see what tweaks need to be made to your campaign. If it’s the case that you’ve barely used any of your budget then this would suggest you need to look at your keyword selection and what traffic they’re actually bringing in. On the other hand, if you’re spending more than you planned on spending you can reduce the daily budget you’re currently using.

2. Check For Conversions

One check that you need to be doing is checking for conversions, after all, what’s the point of running an AdWords campaign if you haven’t at least got one conversion in mind? If it’s the case that you haven’t got any conversions set up within your account you first need to add conversions. If you do have conversions set up already you need to check whether you’ve had any recently or not. If there haven’t been any conversions recently this could be down to not actually having any or it could mean an issue with your conversion tracking code. You need to check your conversion code is still on the relevant page. If you’ve not had any conversions over a long stretch of time you need to review you’re landing pages as it would point to them not converting the right people.

3. Check Search Terms

Checking search terms can help in 2 ways; it can show you potential new keywords to start targeting and keywords that you need to start adding as negatives. Search terms actually shows you terms that people have used to click on your ad and onto your landing page. Here you can see whether or not the search terms are relevant to your actual service/product. If you look down the list and see a large amount of non-relevant keywords this is not a problem, you can then simply add these as new negative keywords, meaning your ad won’t show for this term again. On the other hand, you may find new keywords you had not thought of, and you can then add them to your campaign.

4. Check Device Overview

Reviewing device overview will help you to see which devices your potential customers are using most to find your ads. You can also see the cost of each device meaning you can make the decision as to whether or not you up the bids on certain devices. You are then able to test and measure different bidding strategies for different devices.

5. Check Ad Performance

Your ads play a vital part in your overall AdWords performance as this is what makes people click through to your landing pages. Without these, a searcher would have no way of knowing about your offer/product/service. Having poor performing ads will only ever hit your AdWords campaign in a negative way and you need to make sure you’re spending the time to review them. If it’s the case that you haven’t tested any new ads at all then you need to be testing new ads to see how searches react to it. You should never settle for just 2 ads and leave them to run for the rest of time.

What To Do If Results Aren’t Improving

If it’s the case that you’ve performed regular AdWords performance checks and your results aren’t improving you may have reached the time to contact a professional. Here at the JDR Group, we have a team of AdWords experts that are on hand to review your Google AdWords Campaign and offer suggestions on what improvements can be made to your current account. If it’s the case that you haven’t set up any campaign yet don’t worry, our team can also suggest the best way for you to start your campaign.

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