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Many businesses have different people or agencies utilising different marketing tactics and using different software. The result of this leads to the message becoming fractured. In other words, the tactics do not work together as part of an overall strategy, and having different partners and different software tools means all this activity is inefficient and hard to measure. JDR can deliver the strategy, the system, the technology and a fully incorporated service which includes your website, social media, the search engines, content creation and blogging, email marketing, CRM and marketing automation. Book a marketing audit with one of our experts today to explore how much easier and how much more effective working with one agency can be for you.

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But what if I really like my current agency/marketing team?

No problem – most of our clients have members of staff or third party agencies they are happy with, and we can work alongside them. In fact, your team will benefit hugely from working with us as they will increase their knowledge and skills as we work together as partners to help develop your business.

Your Questions

How much will this cost?

As with all marketing, when completed well it is an investment – not a cost. We also have a graded approach which means there is a starting point for you whatever your budget, but ultimately you will be able to hire an entire marketing department with several specialist experts, rather than spending capital on additional in-house resources or several external agencies.

How can you help with strategy?

There are three elements:

  1. Defining your strategy itself
  2. Achieving buy-in from the entire business and creating the right culture
  3. Turning the strategy into a definite plan with goals, KPIs and milestones

By working closely with you and your team and by holding workshops to bring your team together we help build these three foundations together.

What software do you recommend?

We are Hubspot partners and it’s the platform we use extensively in our own marketing, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for every business – in more than 10 years we have worked with and tested hundreds of different marketing software programs and can recommend the right tools for you and your business.

How can you create content when it’s not your industry or business?

Over the years we have amassed a huge amount of experience in many different industries, and have created a system for managing social media and creating content for clients which you’ll be delighted with.

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Here’s your chance to have your current website and online marketing reviewed by one of our experts in a FREE marketing audit. They will evaluate your website, your social media presence and review every element of your online marketing with you to give you an overall grade.

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