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Marketing is changing at a rapid speed, with buyer behaviour evolving quickly and new technology becoming available – this means the rules of the game are being rewritten. As well as providing a ‘done for you’ service, we can also consult, train and coach you and your in-house team to implement cutting edge marketing strategies along with the latest marketing technology.

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What makes JDR qualified to provide training and consulting?

Three things: 1) More than 10 years experience in working on thousands of marketing campaigns and seeing what does and doesn’t work, first hand 2) Everything we teach, we have implemented and reaped the rewards in our own business, and 3) Our MD, David Roberts is an award winning business coach and a certified Duct Tape Marketing consultant.

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Your Questions

Do you offer one day training courses?

We run regular workshops and training days, and often a one or two day marketing workshop with your entire sales and marketing team present is all you need – however the problem with single events is always implementation – so the best results will always come with ongoing coaching and support.

Can you help beyond online marketing?

Yes – JDR began life as a business coaching company working in all areas of business growth and our MD still has a small portfolio of clients

What results can I expect?

We have seen huge business growth from working together over time, but your results will be dependant on two things: 1) your starting point, in other words how much traffic you have, the size and experience of your current team, the amount of leads you currently generate and 2) how much you and your team commit to the programme

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We tailor our solutions to each client according to their goals, their resources and their starting point. If you’d like to know how we could help, we offer a free first session so that you and your team can meet your consultant face to face and see if working together would be a good fit for both parties.

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