When Should You Outsource Your Inbound Marketing To An Agency - What Are the Benefits?


As a small to medium sized company, you are probably inclined to try take on every marketing job yourself. Perhaps this is because, the owner or CEO, haven’t got the funds necessary to hire outside help. Or perhaps you simply don’t trust anyone else to take over.

These are both common and legitimate reasons to keep your marketing efforts in house. As your companies demands on the marketing department grow, you will find that a time will come when you are so stretched that the you need to look into outsourcing areas of your marketing efforts.

You are probably thinking that keeping your inbound marketing in-house will be easy. A couple of blog posts, some social media sharing, a couple of product updates, no problem. But as your company grows and your marketing team has more to do, these tasks are likely to take a back seat to other tasks, especially if you and your staff are not fully aware of the power of online marketing.

Below are the benefits to outsourcing your online marketing:

Outside Advice

Your marketing team may very well produce great content, such as company news stories, product updates, and new product launches. But how do you know that this is the right content? What your marketing team might not be able to do is research keywords that can add extra dimensions to your content.

Creating a working relationship with an inbound marketing agency will help bring valuable insight into your target demographic, and what keywords you and your company needs to rank for, both locally and (if applicable) nationally. Not only does an outsourced marketing company have the time to lay out a detailed buyer persona profile, but they are also there to provide detailed analytics to track who is reading your content, how to improve it, and ways to encourage more readers.

The Large Marketing Department You Have Always Wanted

The biggest cost for a business is its staff. To grow you need more staff to handle the increased effort and strain on the company. How many business owners would like to have 10 to 30 marketing professionals at their disposal to promote and generate sales opportunities? How many business owners would love a marketing department that has staff who specialise in:

  • Website design
  • SEO and keywords
  • Landing page creation
  • Content creation
  • Lead conversion techniques
  • Buyer persona creation
  • Buyers journey awareness

How much would this cost a business to employ all of these skills? An Inbound marketing agency can provide all of these areas at a fraction of the cost of hiring all of the individual staff members in your business. What company wouldn't like the power of a full marketing department for the cost of one marketing manager?


Inbound marketing, the task of creating, maintaining, and growing your online presence, is an enormous undertaking. Not only do you need objective opinions and ideas, inbound marketing needs many hours dedicated to it. Your in-house marketing team likely has a lot on their plate and not enough time to dedicate to inbound. The hours needed to plan and write multiple blog posts, eBooks, press releases, and interact through social media are extensive and especially draining for those who are not naturally suited to content writing.

We can’t do it all, and there is no shame is letting someone else take a little of that stress off your shoulders. Time is money, let someone that can give you the maximum results take over. Contact our office to talk about ways that you can improve and build your marketing.

As seen above the major benefits of choosing an agency over a full-time employee is the fact that an entire team will work on your strategy to ensure your goals are met. Each agency team member brings different skills to the table. It is also possible that the agency has experience with marketing in your industry and promoting brands similar to yours. By allowing the agency to handle the load for your sales strategy, you can focus on product or service development and delighting the clients already on your roster.

No one knows your business better than you do, and if an inbound marketing agency is going to create quality content that educates your potential customers, your input is essential.

By choosing an inbound marketing agency, your business can reap a host of benefits not found with traditional in-house employees. Their broader range of creative talent and experience will ensure that your company reaches its goals through the use of tactics that match your specific needs.

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Article by Dale Bonser