SEO For YouTube: How To Get Maximum Reach For Your Video Content

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Next to Google's search results page, YouTube is the largest market for sourcing new potential customers for your company. But YouTube is a busy place, and there is around 100 hours of new video content uploaded every minute. The good news is that by applying SEO strategies to your video content, the chances that you will be able to get your media in front of potential clients improve.

While there is a lot of video on YouTube, there isn't a lot of relevant business video content on YouTube. There are also many niche subjects that are popular enough to launch your media into the public eye. If you are producing videos for YouTube to promote your company, there are some things you need to know before you begin to design your project. Being prepared will make your chances of successfully creating an effective video much higher, so have a look at these helpful suggestions. 

Create Quality Content

YouTube gives preference to longer videos that retain the viewer's attention. While the premise is simple, making great videos is an art. When you begin to design your video production, the first thing you need to do is evaluate the keywords you will be using. Use The Google Keyword Planner to vet potential keywords to make sure they get used for searches. The more times a word or phrase is searched for, the better, as long as it isn't so common that your video will get lost in the noise. 

Once you have found a keyword to base your production around, the real fun begins. People are going to watch a video because it has content that they find interesting. It is a good idea to look for other videos that feature the keyword you chose, just to make sure that they get interest. If there are many videos in the search results, look for what seems to be working, and pulling views. YouTube makes this easy, and lists how many times a video has been watched right below it on the screen.

Be Interesting & Relevant 

Using a smart SEO strategy will give your video a good chance of coming up on a YouTube or Google video search results page, but to make sure you get high rankings, the video has to hold a viewer's attention. This is where the rubber meets the road, and the quality of your video production is vital. The cost of producing good quality videos has fallen drastically in recent years, so if you are currently producing things in-house, you may want to look for some outside help. 

By offering relevant content in a professional looking video, you stand a good chance of holding a viewer’s attention. You will also need to create great descriptions, because currently YouTube uses the text in the description to analyse what the video is about. The ranking methodology that YouTube employs is complex, but it all boils down to favouring quality content that is well presented. The description also gives you a chance to backlink to your website, so that interested viewers can click through directly. 

Keep Track Of What Works

Once you have your video produced and posted, you can start to analyse how well it is received by YouTube users. There are many ways to evaluate how well your video is doing, but the duration that users stay on it is one of the most important. A long view time lets you know that your content is keeping the viewer engaged, and it also helps you to get your ranking on YouTube's search algorithm bumped up.  

Production Matters

One of biggest advantages that YouTube offers you is the ability to connect complex messages with your brand image, while delivering worthwhile content to potential clients. People tend to share media they find interesting, and this is a big benefit to you. The challenging side of YouTube based promotions is creating great video content, and this is where talking to an agency like JDR makes a lot of sense. 

There are a lot of suppliers for video production services, and they are not all going to give you the same level of quality or marketing expertise. When you deal with our marketing team, you can be sure that your company will get video content that is optimised for maximum searchability. Producing quality YouTube content is a multi-faceted project, so think seriously about how you are going to get it done right. 

Get in touch with one of our marketing specialists today for more information about using video in your marketing strategy.

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