5 Powerful Marketing Ideas for Coaches, Consultants & Trainers

5 Powerful Marketing Ideas for Coaches, Consultants and Trainers

If you provide training, coaching or consultancy services, it's essential to maintain a high profile in order to generate leads and sales. However, finding ways in which to demonstrate how much knowledge you have to people who may want to take advantage of your services can be challenging.

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Here are five creative solutions:

1) Become A Seminar Leader Or Speaker

The reason why many experts take the time to lead seminars is simple – it's a great way to raise your profile within your chosen sector. Consultants can apply to lead seminars at events arranged by other organisations but, if you own an 'expert' business, you could even organise a seminar-based event yourself. Confident presenters may also want to consider speaking at conferences, symposiums or other events relating to their fields of interest.

2) Create A Webinar

While leading a seminar will allow you to get your message across to a select group of people, turning your seminar into a webinar will enable you to reach a much wider audience with ease. You can pre-record webinars and upload them to your website directly, or use dedicated webinar platforms to create 'pre-recorded as live' or live webinars, so that you can provide viewers with interactive experiences.

3) Launch A Podcast Or A Vlog

A podcast consists of a series of audio productions, while vlogs consist of videos. Both are cheap and simple to create, and you won't need much equipment. If you market your podcast or vlog effectively, you could reach large numbers of people, enhancing your profile and potentially generating leads. You can host podcasts on your website, or upload them to hosting sites like iTunes. If you launch a vlog, you can upload your videos to a platform such as YouTube or Vimeo, then embed them in your blog or social media posts.

4) Present A TED x Talk

TED is a media organisation which operates an array of events around the world, most of which are live-streamed, as well as a popular website. TED also licenses independently operated events via its TEDx programme. You can find a list of upcoming UK-based TEDx events on the TED website and, if you want to speak at one of them, just contact the event organiser directly to find out how to apply. Competition for speaker places at TEDx events is tough, but if you're selected, you could get great results.

5) Write A Book, A White Paper Or A Blog Post

While speaking to audiences via videos, podcasts, or in person can help you to engage with them, don't forget the importance of the written word. Adding expert content, such as thought pieces, to your website will help to make it more authoritative, potentially improving your search engine results, as well as convincing visitors to use your company's services. You can also utilise e-books and white papers as part of a wider content marketing strategy. You could provide potential leads with gated content in order to drive them through the sales funnel, for example, or use your content as part of an email marketing campaign.

Sustainable Growth

However, while using any of these methods can produce superb results, if you want your business to grow in a sustainable way, you'll need to have a proper inbound marketing plan in place. If you aren't sure how to develop one, just contact JDR to find out how we can help.

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