Does Your Website Lack A Conversion Strategy?

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Getting people to visit your website is important, but even more so is getting them to enquire or buy. A fisherman could sail out to the best oceans full of fish but if he's only using his hands to grab them he won't be catching many. The same logic can be applied to your website. Getting people on your website will certainly help your business, however, converting those leads into enquiries or sales is what you really want. To do this, you need a conversion strategy.

With that in mind, here are a few simple and inexpensive conversion strategies that you should have implemented throughout your website.

Keep It Consistent

Having a consistent page layout across your website will make visitors more comfortable as they browse your website. It can be frustrating to have to realign yourself on every page and it will make it difficult for visitors to find the information they want. Some elements that should be located at the same position on every page are:

  • Enquiry and contact forms
  • Product images
  • Product descriptions
  • Prices
  • CTAs
  • Contact details

Keeping this content aligned will ensure that people are able to easily find what they're looking for and feel more trusting towards the site. Failing to do this will quickly drive people away from your website.

Show Them How To Contact You

As crazy as it sounds, the difference between an enquiry and a missed opportunity could be as simple as the lead not seeing your contact details. If they're debating whether to enquire or not, you want to make that process as simple as possible. If the lead must start hunting about they're bound to lose interest or decide it's not worth the hassle. You want your contact details placed clearly above the fold (this means you shouldn't need to scroll). They should be easy to understand and be eye-catching so that the indecisive prospect is drawn to your details. To help this further have an enquiry or contact form on your products or services page.

Give Them The Details

In an age where finding another seller is easy as a Google search, you don't want to be lazy with your content. Buyers want details when they are deciding, and if they can't find them on your website they'll find them elsewhere. Make sure your web pages all have comprehensive descriptions that give as much detail as is reasonable. People want to know benefits, sizes, quality, materials, advantages, limitations and more. Having this level of detail shows prospects that they can trust you. When you prove that you have the knowledge, prospects are going to be much more trusting when they contact you with questions and enquiries.

Call Them To Act

Adding a Call to Action (CTA) could be the push that your website needs to increase your conversion rates. What a CTA shows is that a person is willingly moving their own buying process forward. By clicking a CTA that person is confirming that they are a strong opportunity and have a real interest in the product or service. With this knowledge, your sales team can target that lead and have a stronger chance of them becoming a client.

A CTA can take the prospect to either a landing page, where they can claim a deal or piece of content, or it can take them directly to the page itself. Using CTAs will allow you to sort the leads from the time-wasters and help you ensure you are spending resources on only the leads that are promising. Learn more about CTAs with this great article - Four Tips for Developing Effective Call to Action Buttons

As you can see, raising your conversion rate can be as simple as making a few small website changes, and can be very inexpensive. There are, of course, more advanced tactics and strategies that can be implemented but the ones listed above are simple fixes that all websites should be doing.

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