How Working With JDR Can Be Right For You – Yes, even YOU!


In this article, I wanted to answer some of the most common questions I get asked when I talk to companies about creating content for their blog, YouTube channel or social media accounts.

“But my business is different – have you worked in our sector before?”

Everyone believes their business is different, or their industry is different and that the proven methods we use just ‘won’t work for us’. And while every business is unique, there are several things all businesses have in common:

  • You want to attract and retain new customers
  • Some customers are better than others – you want to attract the best ones
  • You do business with people – and as the old adage goes, people buy from people.
  • Your customers or prospects want to be well informed and be in control of the buying process

In the eleven years we’ve been working with businesses, I have lost count of the amount of times people have asked ‘what experience do you have in our sector?’

Having worked with more than a thousand businesses over the years, the chances are we probably have worked in your sector – but here’s the thing: we don’t need to have. Some of the best results we’ve got have been in industries we previously knew nothing about.

The reason? Because we work with you, not for you – we work as a marketing partner, we bring marketing knowledge, skills and the technology and work with your knowledge of your industry, your business and your customers to co-create a winning marketing strategy.

“But my industry is ‘boring’ – there’s nothing to write about!”

You’re not in fashion, in food or travel. You’re not high-tech, and you’re not trying to save the world. You are in an industry which moves slowly, and maybe the products or services your company offers are not exciting, maybe it’s simply a functional necessity or even a grudge purchase. So what on earth do you put on a blog?!?

Well if Sharmin can come up with creative and engaging content about toilet paper, then we can help you be creative in your business too! Simply talk to us, and we’ll give you some ideas straight away – most businesses start with this writer’s block, but through our process we help you and your team get a deeper understanding of your customers and how to engage them and before too long, the ideas are flowing.

“My industry is too heavily regulated – writing any content is risky”

Solicitors, healthcare professionals and financial businesses are amongst the industries that face heavy regulation and make it difficult to get any articles past compliance, and in any case the compliance process takes so long and takes so much creativity out of the process it hardly seems worth it…

So challenge us! If you think you have an industry or a business where it is impossible to create engaging, useful or interesting content get in touch and let us know and we promise to find you several examples of businesses in the same industry who are.

There are already thousands of businesses like yours creating content and building engaged, loyal audiences in highly regulated markets, and we have a step by step process to creating content for you that is interesting, relevant and useful for your target customers, but is also fully compliant.

“How do you write content if you don’t know our business?”

While we have worked in many industries, we are not the experts in your business or in your industry – you are. But as experts, you don’t get the time to create content and don’t always have the know-how to so it’s important to find a partner you can trust to create content for you. Using a combination of our own research, your existing content, and by interviewing you and/or members of your team, suppliers or even your customers, and by working with you to develop a deep understanding of your business we can be that partner for you. This means you can rely on us to create the content for you, and to work together with you and your team to a strategic plan to build your authority in your industry and establish your business as the go-to company in your particular niche.

“How much of my time will it take?”

You’ll need to invest some time up front as we will want to spend time with you and your team getting to know your business. And the first few months will require regular input from you as we adjust to working with each other – but as we get to develop a consistent tone of voice and consistent messaging and a deep understanding of your audience you will be needed less and less.

“Where do I start?”

Begin by downloading our free guide: How To Get Customers Coming To You, Qualified & Ready To Buy.

It’ll give you the system we use and explain how we implement it step buy step to help you build an automated pipeline of new enquiries coming into your business without spending thousands of pounds on advertising and without having to go chasing after customers ‘the old way’

Our Free Guide To "Get Customers Coming To You"

And if you want to talk to an expert?

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