Digital Marketing Will Help You To Grow Your Business


Digital marketing will help you to grow your business, recovering from the pandemic and rebuilding to a stronger and more profitable position than you were before. In this article, we explain how digital marketing strategies can get you more customers, improve your sales processes, increase brand awareness, reduce your cost per sale, and increase your ROI.

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1) Targeted and personalised marketing

Prospects respond best to marketing and sales content that is closely targeted to their demographic and personalised to meet their needs. This is an almost impossible task in traditional marketing and cold calling, which depends on the numbers gameto find relevant people. Digital marketing allows you to be much more targeted and personalised. Online paid advert providers, including LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook, allow you to tightly define your target audience for your ads, and exclude non relevant recipients. This means you spend more time talking to people who are genuinely interested and avoid wasting your time on people who will never buy from you. The result? Shorter sales cycles, lower acquisition costs, longer customer life cycles, and increased customer value.

2) Cutting the cost of sales

Its common business wisdom that you must put out in order to get back, which is why small businesses frequently talk about the ROI of sales rather than absolute costs. It is expected that sales cost something, but the ugly truth is that traditional sales tactics are often prohibitively expensive, and grossly inefficient. Any strategy that depends on printed material, for example, or attending large trade events, is bound to be expensive, and the returns are uncertain.

Digital marketing allows you to cut the cost of sales across the board. Many tactics are available for free, such as social media outreach and blogging, and other strategies have a comparatively low entry bar, which can be tailored to your requirements and budget and scaled over time. With lower costs comes the ability to stretch your sales budget further, reaching more people and closing more deals using less money.

3) Increase your inbound sales leads

The best feelgood element of digital marketing is when an interested lead contacts you out of the blue, already knowing quite a bit about your business, your products, and your services. This is the essence of inbound digital marketing and is what we aim for with every one of our tailored strategies.

Encouraging prospects to come to you is far more efficient than outbound sales and means you dont have to chase down every lead. How you do this is by increasing your online visibility by publishing relevant content that increases your search engine placement for important keywords and search terms relevant to your customer base. Publishing targeted and valuable content – available for free to your prospects – is the essence of search engine optimisation (SEO) and content marketing. High Google rankings dont come overnight, but the more you put out, the better your online visibility becomes, and once this happens, your inbound digital sales enquiries will start increasing month by month.

What we do and why we do it

At JDR Group, our business is to help companies like yours use the Internet to attract high value new customers and close more deals, so that you can reach and exceed your growth plans. Its a straightforward goal, and we make it happen through a tailored digital marketing strategy that aims to increase online visibility to your target buyers, and nurture prospects with personalised content until they are ripe for converting into customers.

To find out more about the ways in which we help, and how digital marketing could help your business, please give one of our consultants a call today.

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