B2B Content Marketing Ideas for Manufacturers


When combined with a sound editorial plan and strategic approach to SEO, B2B blogging is an effective way of attracting targeted website visitors. A frequently updated blog also positions your business as an authority in the manufacturing industry, and a dependable source of pertinent, useful information.

FREE GUIDE: HOW TO GET MORE CUSTOMERS IN THE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRYB2B blog post suggestions that can form the backbone of content marketing for manufacturers:

1) Tell them who you are

After selecting your blog name, you should make an initial post that summarises your business, its ethos, and your intentions for this new online resource. Talk about the expert contributors who will feature. What have they achieved that qualifies them to offer advice? Keep these introductions short but captivating and ask readers for feedback about the subjects they are interested in.

2) Address the concerns of your audience

Your next blog post should cover the main questions your support and sales teams are asked. Do these questions relate to operating conditions, or the performance of products? Alternatively, are they asked to compare the advantages of different solutions? For example, an aerospace hardware manufacturer might be questioned regularly about the temperature or weight tolerances of particular assemblies. A manufacturer of medical devices might get inquiries about FDA approved components, inspiring a post like, 'How to Boost Manufacturing Output With FDA Compliance'. Linking these industry issues to low competition, high-search keywords is a great digital marketing strategy for manufacturers.

3) The trend is your friend

Look at what the current industry trends are and how this affects your readers, your business, and the sector overall. Read the blogs of other B2B manufacturers or monitor discussions in LinkedIn groups related to your industrial niche. A manufacturer of auto transmission components, for example, could publish blog posts covering how new emissions standards, or hybrid vehicles, will affect the design of products in future. You can be inspired by the calendar as well. Earth Day and International Robotics Week both occurred in April, whereas Safe Boating Week was held in May. Leveraging events like these to produce engaging blog content is a recommended marketing plan for manufacturing company.

4) Include interviews with industry experts

Industry experts are always a good resource for blog posts. Encourage them to share their knowledge by asking relevant questions. How did they help other manufacturers to deal with persistent problems? What advice do they have about training? Industry experts are on the frontline and can add helpful insights that resonate with your target audience.

5) Focus on value

Finally, you should refrain from being overly promotional on your B2B blog, and build awareness by delivering content that genuinely helps your readers. Offer pertinent statistics and technical guidance to your prospects. Another effective digital marketing strategy for manufacturing company is to include customer stories. Explain how a manufacturer in your industry overcame a difficult obstacle. Perhaps they cut production stream wastage, or increased production by a notable percentage. These subjects are ideal for a technically-minded manufacturing audience. Let your optimised website product pages do the selling.

Next steps

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