A Guide To The Costs Involved In Working With JDR Group As Your Marketing Agency

Big companies will usually have entire department dedicated to marketing. They may have a marketing director, with one or more marketing managers working below them. In addition, they'll have web developers, graphic designers, copywriters, search marketing specialists, social media/content marketing specialists, project managers, even videographers.

By hiring JDR Group as your marketing agency on a monthly retainer, you are getting your own outsourced, virtual marketing department.

You're getting:

  • A senior sales and marketing strategy consultant planning and overseeing your campaigns and helping you grow your sales
  • A dedicated campaign manager taking care of every aspect of the programme, providing reporting and analysis and giving you one single point of contact
  • A content co-ordinator planning articles, case studies and ebooks/guides with you
  • Writers producing the content, writing the articles for you
  • Search marketers working at your SEO
  • A web developer able to handle the technical aspects of your website
  • A project manager to oversee web design, brochure design and other one-off projects
  • A social media marketing team to plan and implement your social activity 

But it's not just the time or the team you are getting - with JDR you are getting a proven marketing system which has been fully road-tested, a system which gets reliable and consistent results.

How much do marketing services cost?

There are three ways to give your business this type of marketing resource:

  • Do it all in-house - there are benefits to doing all of your marketing in-house but as a small business, it is expensive as you can't find any one person that can do every part. You either need to try and find one highly-paid superstar, or (more likely) 3-4 individuals. And when you hire in-house, you have to manage, train and direct these team members, so it requires an investment of time on your part.
  • Hire multiple agencies - you could have a web design/development agency, an SEO agency, a Google Ads agency, a marketing consultant, a social media marketing agency, a copywriter, and a CRM/marketing automation consultant.
  • Hire JDR Group - this is an all-in-one, done-for-you service at a similar level of investment to the salary of hiring one marketing employee in-house. If you were to recruit a marketing executive/marketing manager/marketing director you'd have a salary of £15k-£60k depending on seniority and experience, excluding ad budgets and software costs (marketers will need certain tools to do the job effectively).
    Hiring JDR has a similar range of budget - most of our retainer clients invest within that range although there are some higher and some lower as well. The difference is, instead of one person, you're hiring an entire marketing department with access to all of the different skill sets and capabilities. The benefits of this approach, compared with doing everything in-house or hiring multiple agencies are:
    • There is more accountability by having one agency handling everything
    • One agency to work with saves time and money
    • You don't have to train or to lead the programme, it will be fully project managed and driven by us
    • No sick pay, holidays or HR to deal with
    • We don’t leave to join a competitor or for a better job
    • Experience and know-how – no learning on the job
    • Mature systems and processes, following a proven model 

Use Our Online Marketing Campaign Calculator - Get An Instant, Tailored Campaign Estimate

The best way to find out exactly what an ongoing sales/marketing retainer with JDR Group will cost is to speak to our team and have our team work out a programme for you - but if you'd like to get an instant idea, you can use our calculator below. 


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All of our monthly sales & marketing retainers are different and 100% tailored - your programme will be based on your industry, competition, goals, existing resources and starting point, and of course budget.

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