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A Guide To The Costs Involved In Working With JDR Group As Your Marketing Agency

Big companies will usually have entire department dedicated to marketing. They may have a marketing director, with one or more marketing managers working below them. In addition, they'll have web developers, graphic designers, copywriters, search marketing specialists, social media/content marketing specialists, project managers, even videographers.

Big companies will usually have an entire department dedicated to marketing. This will include a marketing director, and marketing managers working below them. The marketing department can also include:
  • Web developers
  • Graphic designers
  • Copywriters
  • Search marketing specialists
  • Social media managers
  • Project managers
  • Videographers
By hiring JDR Group, you are getting your own outsourced, virtual marketing department.
You're getting:
  • Time with a senior sales & marketing strategy consultant
  • A dedicated campaign manager running your programme and providing monthly reporting
  • A content co-ordinator planning articles, case studies and ebooks/guides with you
  • Writers producing the content, writing the articles for you
  • Search marketers working at your SEO
  • A web developer able to handle the technical aspects of your website
  • A project manager to oversee web design, brochure design and other one-off projects
  • A social media marketing team to run your social activity 
But it's not the time or the team you are getting alone. With JDR you are getting a proven marketing system which gets consistent results. Watch the video below to see some example results to get an idea what you can expect for your business:


How much do marketing services cost?

There are three ways to give your business this type of marketing resource:
  • Do it all in-house - there are benefits to doing all your marketing in-house. As a small business though, it is expensive - as you can't find any one person that can do every part. You either need to try and find one highly-paid superstar, or (more likely) 3-4 individuals. When you hire in-house, there is an investment of your time too. You have to manage, train and support these team members.
  • Hire multiple agencies - you could have several marketing agencies working for you. This could include a web design agency, an SEO agency, a Google Ads agency, a marketing consultant, and a social media marketing agency.
  • Hire JDR Group - with JDR you get an all-in-one, done-for-you service. It's all in one place, with one point of contact.
The benefits of hiring JDR Group as your marketing agency are:
  • There is more accountability by having one agency handling everything
  • One agency to work with saves time and money
  • You don't have to train or to lead the programme, it will be project managed and driven by us
  • No sick pay, holidays or HR to deal with
  • We don’t leave to join a competitor or for a better job
  • Experience and know-how – no learning on the job
  • Mature systems and processes, following a proven model 

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The best way to find out exactly what a marketing programme with JDR Group will cost is to speak to our team. We will work out a tailored programme for you. If you'd like to get an instant idea, you can also use our marketing campaign pricing calculator below:



Tailored Marketing Programmes To Meet The Unique Needs Of Your Business

All our marketing programmes are different and 100% tailored. When planning a marketing programme, we factor in:
  • Your industry
  • Your competition
  • Your goals
  • Your existing resources
  • Your starting point
  • Your budget

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