How Could A CRM Help My SME?

A businessman giving a thumbs up during a client call as he uses HubSpot's CRM to help better his customer and client relationships

A customer relationship management system, or CRM, is a cloud-based software platform that helps businesses consolidate their sales and marketing data, automate many manual processes, and develop stronger relationships with their customers through better management of customer data, analysis, and predictive insights.


Are CRMs Useful For Smaller Businesses?

Yes. CRMs are equally as valuable to small businesses as they are to larger, enterprise-level companies. For SMEs, a CRM can act as a digital sales and marketing hub for your business, giving you better visibility and control of your sales and marketing, and helping you streamline the entire process for better results at a lower cost – from email marketing to quotes, landing pages, blogging, sales nurturing, and more.

Investing in a CRM makes it easier for SME business owners to track website visits, customer interactions, and purchases through one intuitive dashboard, saving you significant time while enabling you to personalise your sales and marketing process for better results and returns.

What’s more, using a CRM can help restore the human, personal connection between a business and its customers, bringing back relationship-centred sales and helping grow stronger, better, and more valuable business relationships, thus differentiating your SME from its competitors in terms of personal service and attention to detail.

What Is The Best CRM Application For SMEs?

The cloud CRM market is now fairly crowded with products aimed at SMEs, with a broad spectrum of price points, so making the right choice for your business and sales objectives isn’t always straightforward.

HubSpot is a good option for many small businesses, because it is free at entry level, and allows you to keep track of all your sales leads and where they come from, as well as manage communications and marketing initiatives from within a single platform while trying out entry-level versions of the tools included in HubSpot’s paid packages.

You can also assign sales leads out to employees through the platform, allowing you to spend time on other aspects of your business, while still seeing exactly what's going on with your new leads at the click of a button.

HubSpot has an excellent reputation for cloud security, safeguarding your business and customer data from viruses and hackers, and it also gives you round-the-clock access to your sales and marketing data from any Internet-enabled device, wherever you’re working.

If you choose to invest in a premium package, you can do so from around £27 a month, so it doesn’t have to be a huge investment in order to make a good start in sales and marketing. Further upgrades can be made at any time and can scale to your business needs. Our consultants at JDR Group can work with you to ensure that your investment aligns with your strategic goals, and to help you obtain your target ROI from your marketing budget.

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