Google Set To Ramp Up Their Mobile Algorithm This May - The Time To Get Mobile Is Now!


One of the latest, major updates to the Google Algorithm came last April and was dubbed by many as “Mobilegeddon”. It focused on making sure websites were mobile friendly and those that weren't, and still aren't, could suffer loss of rankings due to this.

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The update had a large impact on a number of UK search queries and many webmasters and business owners made sure their websites were made mobile friendly. Google have announced they are going to be stepping up this algorithm and updating it in May this year. Continue reading the article below to find out more about the update and what it means...

Google recently posted on their Webmaster blog that they will be updating their mobile algorithm and have stated that this update will start at the beginning of May this year. Basically, it is going to increase the effect of the current ranking signal, so if your website still isn't mobile friendly then now is really the time to sort it out!

What If I'm Already Mobile Friendly?

Google have stated that webmasters and business owners whose sites are currently mobile friendly and optimised don't have anything at all to worry about. So if you fall into this bracket you can now rest assured that your rankings won't be negatively affected on the back of this update.

However, being mobile friendly doesn't mean your website is working well and converting as well as it could. It may require a design update. If you feel your website isn't converting as well as you like, read our article here: A Guide To 5 Top Tools To Increase Website Conversions

The Slow Roll Out

It has also been suggested that the update will happen slowly and roll out over time, as with Panda 4.2. However, it remains unclear whether this means it will take a number of months for the algorithm to completely rollout worldwide, or a number of weeks. All we know is Google have said it would “start rolling out” the new algorithm update at the start of May 2016. As this is a second update, it is also anticipated it won't have as significant of an impact as the original update did, but if you aren't yet prepared then now is the time. You can find out more about the original update by reading our blog article here: Mobile Apocalypse: Google's Mobile Algorithm Set For April Release Date – Are You Ready?

Time To Prepare

Okay, so now you are aware of the new update coming in advance, so you have got a bit of time to prepare for it. Is your website currently mobile friendly? If not then you should take action as soon as possible in time for the update in order to avoid losing rankings. If you are not sure whether your website is mobile optimised or not then simply check it on a phone and see how easy it is to use but always double check what Google thinks of it. You can do this using their tool here: This will let you know whether or not your website is mobile friendly and if not what is wrong with it.

How Do I Get A Mobile Friendly Website?

If your website is fairly new and was built last year or this year it is more than likely mobile friendly already and the website should respond to screen size. However, if it doesn't and if you have failed Google's mobile friendly test then you need to get your website updated. The best way to do this is to have the website made responsive instead of having a separate mobile website built. You can simply contact your current website hosting company and ask them how much it would be for them to make your website mobile responsive and then ask them to do it for you as soon as possible, in time for the update if possible!

More Benefits To A Mobile Friendly Website

Having a mobile friendly website has many benefits aside from keeping Google happy. Here are a number of other benefits of having a mobile website:

1) Easy To Use

If your current website isn't mobile friendly then users who are finding you on mobile devices are going to struggle with usability and it may cause frustration, resulting in them leaving your website. However, a mobile friendly website will be extremely simple and easy to use on a mobile device to ensure the best user experience possible. This will also result in more conversions.

2) QR Codes

QR codes are yet another benefit to mobile friendly websites. They make it even easier for your potential customers and existing customers to connect and communicate with you. Mobile users can scan these codes which can take them directly to your website. Find out more about QR codes here: 7 Advantages Of QR Codes For Your B2B Website

3) Get To Know Your Customers Better And Improve Relationships

In the day and age we live in, Social Media is a huge part of everyone's lives. Having a mobile friendly website makes it easier for customers to connect with you through Social Media and apps on their phone. The more you can connect with your customers and potential customers and the more interactive you are, the more this helps build relationships and ultimately gets you more sales in the long run.


A mobile friendly website isn't just going to keep Google happy, it also keeps your customers happy. This is ultimately going to keep you as a business owner happy as it will result in better user experiences, more enquiries, more conversions and more customers. What are you waiting for? Take action and get a mobile friendly website today! Find out how we can help -

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