7 Free Or Low Cost Marketing Ideas For Businesses On A Budget


You may be exceedingly busy with overseeing all your business operations. However it is fundamental for you to understand how you can get more customers through your door. Marketing is one of your most effective tools to promote your business and attract more new customers. You do not need to have a large budget in order to promote your products and services. Through marketing you are essentially trying to showcase what is different about your business from your competitors. You can in fact promote your business through low cost marketing techniques.

This will help your business gain more sales and enquiries. It is important that you are actively trying to encourage new customers to increase your success. If you are currently unfamiliar of how you can actively and successfully market your business this article will successfully provide you with guidance and support. This will help raise the profile and credibility of your business so that more prospects are likely to choose your business.

Networking and Referral Strategy  

Implementing a referral strategy for your business will help your business gain additional enquiries. A great way of gaining referrals for your business is through Networking Events. There will be a range of Networking events you can join in your local area. This will allow you to meet other business professionals and exchange contact details. This will help you build up your own personal business network and will provide new business opportunities for you. Networking events themselves will actually help your gain further knowledge, which you can implement into your business.

If you are looking at expanding your business this will certainly help raise your profile and let other businesses know about your products and services. It does not matter if you have not been part of a Networking group before. There are several low cost memberships that you could be involved in for your business. Even if you have a very busy schedule networking events will help you increase your business success.

Social Media

If you are wanting to boost the credibility of your business, social media can successfully help you achieve this. Social media will help you drive forward your success by promoting your products and services effectively. In order to gain the most success out of social media it is important to engage and interact with your potential customers. It is also important to have regular posts and photos to constantly remind your potential customers about your products and services. With social media you are trying to increase your prospects and followers so that you can raise your profile. It will also help differentiate your business from your direct competitors.

Blog Articles

If you are looking for a way to promote your products and services effectively blogging will help you successfully attract more potential customers. You can provide your potential customers with a range of guidance and support by providing them with additional information. Your potential customers may have questions as they may be unfamiliar with how your products work and how your products can benefit them. However it is important to ensure all your articles are directly relevant to your target customer groups so that they will be encouraged to read them. Blog articles will help broaden your online presence, particularly within search engines. They provide additional links to your website so your products and services are more visible. This will encourage more website visitors and hopefully more enquiries for your business.


When looking at signage for your business you should ensure that you are using your correct branding and colours. You may want to have signage at your premises to make your business name stand out. Through signage you want potential customers to remember the name of the business so they are likely to buy from you. Signage also gives your business an advertising presence. Regardless of whether you ar win a prominent spot or not a good sign will always out perform a bad one!


One of the key elements of marketing is to keep your potential customers regularly informed. Monthly newsletters are a key method you can use to inform your potential customers of your latest news, guidance and advice surrounding your products and services. Newsletters sent electronically are extremely effective for attracting new customers. Your newsletter will also build up your list of potential customers to help you gain more enquiries. This list should regularly be updated so that your business is encouraging further enquiries. It is important that your newsletter is informational so that you are letting prospects know your latest news. If you are unsure of how you should be writing your newsletters there are Digital Marketing Agencies who can help you with this. 

Email Campaigns

Why are email campaigns significant and how can they actually make a difference to your business? Email marketing is a direct method you can use to drive forward your success. Through  email marketing you are trying to increase your enquiries and regularly reminding your prospects of the products and services you offer. Not only this, your email campaigns may also include a range of special offers, announce any of your new products and more. It is also important to look at sending your email campaigns preferably once or twice a week to your prospects to increase your enquiries and sales. There are specialist email systems that can be used for your email marketing campaigns. There are a range of digital marketing agencies who can help with this. You can find out here more about our email marketing services

Display Advertising

This type of advertising will further promote your product and service capabilities. With this type of advertising you can attract more potential customers to your business. The amount of searches that take place on search engines every single day means that your adverts are likely to be shown frequently to attract more enquiries for your business. There are different types of display advertising including website, email, social media, mobile adverts and more. Your business could be involved in one of these types of advertising or more than one.  For more information on this read this: A UK Business Owner's Guide to DIsplay Advertising

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Article by: Laura Morris-Richardson