3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Implement Inbound Marketing

3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Implement Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a completely different outlook on not just your marketing, but your entire business. Adopting this strategy involves a change in mindset of both the company and its customers.

Inbound is about content, attention, and engagement, helping to build a connection with potential customers through gentle nurturing, and by providing useful and relevant information.

By approaching customers in an organic way rather than a destructive way, you will find this actually makes future efforts easier as you have already generated the momentum, powered by your creativity.

1) Change In Buying Patterns

For most businesses, the key to success is keeping on top of current buying trends and knowing when and where to strike while the iron is hot. Year by year consumer behaviour will alter, this could be minor, or this could be major.

Customer buying patterns will have, well, should have, a knock on effect on a business' marketing strategy, meaning you should now be pushing most of your marketing efforts into inbound marketing as opposed to outbound. This means saying goodbye to forcing promotions on customers, and welcoming a new approach; let your customers come to you!

It's 2018, and more often than not, consumers are using the big wide web as a highly efficient resource for finding, buying, and researching brands and products through empowering information provided by companies lead by inbound marketing.

2) Reach New & Wider Audiences

Inbound Marketing has very few limits, allowing you to run varied campaigns, enabling the chance to reach new audiences and diversify your reach. Did you know that 8 out of 10 people self-identify as blog readers? Just think about how many people that is! And how many opportunities you're missing by not sharing the very simple, but very VERY effective content! Brands who publish more articles per month will generally convert more leads.

Studies have shown that website traffic increases up to 30% after 21-54 blog posts, and this comes with added benefits:

  • Ultimately, more revenue.
  • More people to refer your website to others/share online.
  • Ranking higher on Google.

3) Tracking

Inbound and the platforms that support this strategy, such as Hubspot are great for tracking every interaction between yourselves and the potential prospects and leads. This allows you to pinpoint exactly what is effective and what areas of your campaign are capturing those leads.

This type of marketing lets you really see what your audience reacts to the best and the most as well as highlighting which areas of content you should focus on further to expand your company's online following. This helps you to avoid wasting your valuable time sending emails to people that are definitely not interested in your product or service for example.

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Hopefully these points have helped inform you of why Inbound Marketing would be great for your business and the positive impact it can have when put into practice. If you have any queries, please comment below or call us on 01332 343281 for an informal chat.

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