5 Marketing Mistakes Manufacturers Need To Avoid In 2022


At JDR Group, our experts are here to help you devise a successful industry-specific marketing strategy and assist you with its implementation. Regardless of your own personal experiences with marketing, having our team available to support you at every step will help you steer clear of the biggest digital marketing mistakes that manufacturers need to avoid in 2022. Let's look at what these are!


Lack of research or product testing

Investing time and money into market research gives you a clear idea of how a product will be received by different customer groups, whether adjustments to the design will be necessary, and how marketing promotions are likely to perform. You can also test the market for price points, promotions, or packages to increase the chance of a successful launch when the product is ready for sale.

Inappropriate positioning or focus

In all marketing campaigns, brand positioning is essential. Too many manufacturers fail to give adequate thought to how a product will sit in the existing supply chain and how customers will view it, particularly for niche products and services where there is a high degree of competition. Positioning strategies will enable you to focus on your product's place in the market in your content and promotional material. To achieve this, you should consider your target demographics, how your offering relates to other businesses in the supply chain, whether it is designed for a particular situation or problem, and how it can jigsaw within your existing range.

Marketing with no USP

When you’re looking to make an impact in the market, you need a clear strategy for promoting your products so that they are uppermost in the minds of customers. For customers to purchase, they need to understand how their lives are going to be improved or changed by their decision. Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is the single thing that makes your business or product better than the rest. Failing to base your marketing strategy around this means customers won’t understand why they should invest in your product, which will appear to have little relevance to their needs. Every core marketing message should be guided by your USP, so it pays to understand this from the outset.

Not capturing repeat custom

While new customers are vital to attract, you should never make the mistake of forgetting your loyal customers. New customers may only purchase once from you, whereas existing customers keep returning time after time, making them a more profitable avenue for your business’s growth. Of course, it is important to work hard to find new business, but not at the expense of returning customers.

Failing to appreciate customers needs

Finally, it is often said that, for a product to be successful, you need to find a hole in the market. Creating a product that has already flooded the market will be more difficult to promote. Instead, identify what your potential customers need most which aren't already addressed by an existing solution will help you to design a winning marketing strategy that delivers profitable results. Ready to design a winning marketing strategy? Contact us today.

If your marketing strategy needs reshaping, we can help.

At JDR Group, we work with you in partnership to exploit every available sales opportunity and give your business the best chance to succeed with none of the mistakes that could blight your drive for growth. To find out more, download our free guide, How To Get Customers In The Manufacturing Industry.

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