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Is Social Media The Missing Marketing Link of Your Business?

At JDR, we understand the importance of social media to your business. Every time you turn around, there’s another business sending out tweets, posting on their Facebook page or sharing photos on Instagram. Also, while you may not see this a priority for your business, having a social media marketing strategy for your business has several benefits.

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Reach, Inform, Entertain

Social media is one of the most direct ways of reaching your customers, and it is also the quickest. Making it an excellent way to introduce yourself if you are a new venture. They can also be great places to create your company image if you have yet to develop one.

Social media sites serve two purposes for businesses; they allow them to not only give potential customers valuable information, but they can also help to entertain customers. A short and humorous video can go a long way to getting across your desired message. So if it is entertaining enough, customers will share with their friends, giving your business, even more exposure.

Why Work With JDR As Your Social Media Marketing Agency?

The benefits to using social media as part of your marketing strategy are numerous. Together, we can use social media to:

Build awareness

Attract and engage with new customers by sharing great content with them so they get to know, like and trust your business

Drive website traffic

Sharing our own content with your network will get people to your website, especially if they share it with their networks

Build your online reputation

Social media networks allow you to talk about the things that are of interest to you

Establish your expertise

you can use your social media channels to discuss subjects that are relevant to your business, making you the expert.

What Does Your Business Get From Social Media Marketing?

Social media can help your business to accomplish many things at once. The multi-tasking powers of social media can be used to:


sign up to the Twitter feed or Facebook page of your competition, and always stay one step ahead

Improve customer service

customers can post their questions and concerns on your pages, and you can respond directly

Find out what customers want

Asking them questions can get you golden nuggets of information about the kinds of products your customers want.

Work with JDR as your social media marketing partner:

If you’re ready to explore the multitude of benefits that social media can bring to your business, our team of experts is ready to assist you. Contact us at 01332 343281 or check out the other ways that you can get in touch by visiting our contact page.

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But it can be easy sometimes to take a step back and take stock of how much of an impact that’s having on the world and on business generally. So one of the things that social media has done is made it possible to keep in touch with everybody. I remember in the early 2000s trying to log on to Friends Reunited, get in touch with some of my school friends and finding it very difficult to do so.

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Social media can be something of a revelation to businesses who spent years spending a fortune on traditional advertising while bringing only limited results. The feeling you get when the first leads start coming in from your first Facebook advert, seeing your ‘like’ counter growing day by day, realising that this stuff really works - is simply priceless. In retrospect it is easy for businesses to see why so many companies use social media, and many kick themselves for not getting on the bandwagon years ago.

Social media marketing is affordable, fun, scalable and delivers results. No wonder so many businesses set up new accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram every day.

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According to Rose McGrory Social Media Ltd, there are currently 32 million Facebook accounts in the UK, 20 million Twitter accounts, and 14 million Instagram accounts. For those of you who haven’t done any social media marketing for your business, that potentially could be a lot of missed opportunities.

Social media marketing needs to be a crucial aspect of your business. Especially now more than ever as there is no better way to maximise your search engine optimisation, to increase inbound traffic to your website, and to boost overall customer relations. Therefore, social media management tools have been invented to help manage your Social Media platforms.