Reviews Of JDR's Birmingham Marketing Workshop: How To Get Customers Coming To You

JDR Group One Day Marketing Workshop In Birmingham

It’s now Thursday evening as I write this, reflecting on our latest marketing workshop, held at Fort Dunlop in Birmingham.

Once again, it was a day that me and the team at JDR enjoyed immensely – it’s always great to meet business owners, hear their stories and understand their marketing challenges.

I was struck by the growing pressure on business owners to keep up with a marketing world in which things are changing faster and faster.

I personally felt that the major difference with our workshops is that they are not just about the tactics… in other words, not just about the latest trends and fads but about the whole marketing strategy.


Understanding how to start your marketing plan and how to bring together the various different elements that usually just cause confusion or frustration (like social media, SEO, video etc.) is so important - especially as 2015 draws to a close and we start to think ahead to next year.

As one attendee put it:

"I came away with a very clear understanding and vision of where we need to be with our digital marketing strategy and how we can get there. The day gave me a much greater understanding of the world of digital marketing and how to use it to profit the company and not waste a huge amount of time and resource on types of marketing that offer no ROI."

Here is some of the other feedback we’ve received:

“This was a real eye opener”

“Great content – made me want to know more and invest more time in these areas!”

“Very good – answered all questions with good answers and explained every part really well”

Fantastic day… Will, Dave & Leanne did a fantastic job”

"Thanks for the brilliant day yesterday at Fort Dunlop"

"An excellent presentation from Dave, Will and Leanne"

"Content and delivery was first class."

And when asked to describe the main takeaways from the day, our attendee's answers included:


“Understanding the customer journey”

“What KPIs to measure”

“How to develop our marketing strategy”

“Whole company adoption”

“Blogging and Content Marketing”

“How to structure our marketing”

“Landing pages”

“How to sort my social media marketing out!”

“How to get more traffic to our website”

“The JDR 5 step system”

“Setting targets and measuring them”


Our next event will be in Derby in February… stay tuned to this blog for the date and theme to be announced, or subscribe by entering your email address into the 'Get Articles By Email' section on the right hand side of this page.