Dave And Will At Inbound 2016 Boston


Every year, HubSpot host their annual Inbound marketing conference in Boston, Massachusetts. Inbound 2016 was the third time we have attended, but our first as HubSpot Gold Partners and both myself and (JDR MD) Dave got a lot from the 4 days we were there, being able to meet and learn from some of the best online marketers on the planet. Inbound has also become a huge event now, with over 18,000 people attending this year.

During the four days we had the opportunity to see talks from Gary Veynerchuck (one of the world’s leading experts on social media), Mari Smith (one of the world’s leading experts on Facebook marketing), Rand Fishkin (one of the world’s leading SEO experts) as well as HubSpot founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah.

In addition, there were also speakers from Facebook, from marketing owners, from sales experts, leadership experts and even some speakers from the celebrity world. One highlight, for example, was to see Alec Baldwin’s keynote – he is, after all, in the content creation business too, and he also has to pitch and sell ideas in his career.

During the conference, HubSpot also unveiled some exciting new features, which you can find out more about in the video below...

The reason we invest time and money in going to events like this is to keep up with the latest sales and marketing technology, business strategy and marketing tactics so that we can bring this cutting edge information to our clients, and Inbound 2016 did not disappoint!

On a final note, it was also interesting to be in the US on election day, and to see the hype, controversy and hysteria both before, after and during Donald Trump’s election!