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Why Content Marketing Matters

Content marketing is, essentially, the creation and distribution of consistent high-quality content to a highly-targeted group of people that’s relevant and valuable to them. The objective of this content is to encourage the reader to take some sort of further action, such as visiting a website or making a purchase. Content marketing can do all of the below and more:

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Help to Convert and Nurture Leads;
  • Assist with providing Improved Customer Services;
  • Increase Customer Loyalty, thereby Increasing Retention;
  • Open the door to up-sell other products, thereby further increasing revenue;
  • Transform customers into evangelists who will tell others about your business.

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Why Choose JDR As Your Content Marketing Agency?

Our team of experts specialises in the creation of content that’s not only compelling to the visitor, but irresistible to search engines as well. When you enlist the expertise of the JDR team, you’ll benefit from copy that:

  • Speaks directly to your customers;
  • Presented in a palatable and professional manner ;
  • Focuses on the benefits of your product or service to your customers;
  • Is descriptive so that search engines can more easily rank your site;
  • Is written in your customers’ language so that it’s easy for them to understand;
  • Contains calls to action that leave customers with no doubt about which step they should take next.

The quality content we provide will present you to be a professional in your field, encouraging customers to consider your brand more thoughtfully rather than seek the product or service elsewhere.

What Types of Content Creation Do We Offer?

Content creation does not just mean blog articles though – it also includes the following:

White papers

Every Content Marketing Plan Needs a Strategy

The internet is a ‘noisy’ place – if you want your content to cut through and get noticed then you need a plan. Thousands of business owners and marketers blog regularly and see little or no tangible benefits because either the strategy is wrong or, more commonly, there is no strategy at all.

You need a content strategy for your business overall, and a strategy for each individual piece of content. To ensure its success, you would benefit from implementing a promotional and customer traffic strategy plan and then a conversion strategy so that there is a commercial benefit.

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