What To Look For When Choosing A Google Partner Agency

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Choosing a reliable marketing agency to handle your business' digital marketing needs can be a laborious task, especially when you consider the scope of choice available, from creative agencies to SME growth specialists. That being said, the top contenders on your list should have a valid Google Partners badge - carry on reading to learn why!

What Is A Google Partner?

In essence, Google Partner status is a prestigious award given to ethical businesses that meet the following criteria:

  • Have multiple employees certified in Google AdWords
  • Deliver excellent customer service
  • Have a competitive edge on peers
  • Specialise in helping businesses grow online
  • Account managers having up-to-date industry knowledge
  • Continuous client revenue growth
  • Continuous growth in number of clients

There are two types of Google Partner badge, the standard Partner version and the Premier version. The Premier badge recognises leading companies with higher-spending ad campaigns and additional qualifications. To achieve Premier status two or more colleagues within the agency must undergo advanced AdWords training.

To become AdWords certified, at least one employee must pass the AdWords Fundamentals exam. This exam covers ad profit and scheduling, site links inside advertisements and ad extensions. In addition to the AdWords exam, the individual must also study for another topic from the list below:

  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising

Official guidelines for this award can be found here

Friend Or Foe: How To Spot A Real Google Partner

The key to choosing valuable business partners is to always do your research before signing a contract or parting with your money. Don't be led down the rabbit hole of false promises.

There are two ways to test if an agency is a certified Google Partner. The first is to check their website for the official badge, this can often be found in the footer or on one of their website's internal pages. When you hover over the badge it will state what areas they specialise in. For example, the JDR Group are certified in Google AdWords and Mobile Ads. When you click on the badge you'll be taken to the firm's official Google Partners listing, ours can be found here.

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The second is to search the business on https://www.google.com/partners where they will have an official listing with their details.

4 Considerations When Choosing A Google Partner Agency

1. Type Of Partnership - As previously mentioned, there are two types of Google Partnership - the standard Partner version and the Premier version. Both types of partnership highlight an agencies trustworthiness and attention to detail when it comes to marketing, however a Premier partner will have the upper hand with extensive knowledge of Google AdWords as well as one other form of online advertising. Check out the following article for further information: The Different Google Partner Types & What They Mean.

2. Level Of Experience - How long an agency has been in the game is also very important. Time is the greatest teacher and therefore it makes sense that agencies with a few years under their belt will be very wise regarding all aspects of marketing. This type of experience is invaluable when it comes to helping your business overcome any unforeseen challenges.

3. Testimonials – Don't be shy when it comes to researching the agency and testing the waters. We recommend asking the agency to back up their claims with case studies and evidence of their past achievements. There is also no harm in asking for a few references you can contact. A confident Google Partner will happily share this information with potential new investors.

4. Industry Expertise – It is imperative that you find an agency that suits your business needs. Don't automatically assume that the most expensive Google Partner with glowing recommendations is the best choice for you. Instead aim to find a Google Partner who understands your particular niche / industry and your buyer personas. (For instance, a high-end manufacturing business targeting B2B customers wouldn't necessarily work well with a creative agency that specialises in creating video advertisements.) In order to make informed decisions you must properly research each candidate to find the best fit for your business' long-term growth goals.

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Final Thoughts

The selection process to become a Google Partner is rigorous, however the benefits truly are worth their weight in gold. Google Partner agencies have the luxury of working with Google directly; they have their own personal account manager who informs them of upcoming features and new products. This type of insight can be applied to your accounts to boost the performance of your advertising while keeping the cost to a minimum.

The JDR Group have been a Google Partner since January 2014. Please contact us today for detailed advice on how we can improve the conversion rate of your ads to boost your business' ROI!

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