All You Need To Know About Being A Google Partner

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Having a Google Partner badge on your website gives a credibility boost like no other and places any business with this title on a huge pedestal. It's presence on any other online properties also massively improves validity. This will most definitely lead to a larger, more valuable client base, alongside increased brand awareness.


The entitlement of being a Google Partner is not just gifted to any company, there are certain requirements and standards to be adhered to. Some of which include:

  • Having multiple employees certified in AdWords
  • Continuously meeting Google's standards to maintain partner status
  • Delivering quality customer service
  • Having a competitive edge on peers
  • Specialising in helping businesses grow online
  • Account managers having up to date industry knowledge
  • Continuous client revenue growth
  • Growth in number of clients

Google Partner Search

Being a Google Partner grants you a company profile on the Google Partner Search website. This advantage sets you apart from your competitors and helps your company get found easily online. Prospects can find you on Google Partner Search through targeted searches such as location, the amount they have to spend, and the services they require. Your position on the search site is determined by the amount of certifications and specialisations earned, and your overall company performance.

Company Specialisations

Company Specialisations are a key element to high performance on the Google search engine. These help to differentiate your company from the rest of the market, based on your skills and expertise, therefore these privileges must be earned. Examples of specialisations are:

  • Video Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising

However, in order to be awarded company specialisations by Google, your business must not only have a proven increased online performance rate and have extensive product expertise in AdWords, but also have around a £10,000 AdWords budget every 90 days. This is something that unfortunately is just not feasible for a lot of companies.


Google Partners must be at an advanced level when it comes to all of the features and every aspect of AdWords. This involves:

  • Guiding clients to generate profit
  • Ad scheduling
  • Site links inside of the ads
  • Ad extensions

Premier Google Partner

Being a Premier Google Partner is the highest ranking you can achieve at the Google Partner programme, which is granted when companies reach Google's highest standards and quality criteria. This badge of honour comes with invitations to exclusive google events and gains you access to advanced training and support.

The use of the word “Premier” highlights the exclusivity of being one of the top Google Partners. So, for your business to be at this level you must run a range of large AdWord campaigns for clients amongst various different industries. Therefore, you will have experience with managing big budgets and high investments. Furthermore, many individuals within the company must have passed online AdWords examinations in order to demonstrate a vast skill set.

Hopefully this article has helped inform you of all the things you need to know about being a Google Partner! If you have any queries, please comment below or call us on 01332 343 281 for an informal chat.

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