LinkedIn Live Streaming Is Coming! Are You Ready To Go Live?

LinkedIn Live Streaming Is Coming! Are You Ready To Go Live

Have you heard? LinkedIn is following in the footsteps of Facebook and Instagram and have jumped on the live streaming wagon! Live video streaming allows broadcasters to share videos with their network in real-time. LinkedIn is currently piloting live video streaming with a few broadcasters, so the feature isn't available to all members or pages yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long before it is available to all!

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So, How Do You Prepare & Make This New LinkedIn Feature Work For You & Your Business?

A few of our clients have mentioned that they are a bit unsure about live streaming and are apprehensive about what they should post. Fear of looking foolish on a live stream is putting even the most accomplished LinkedIn members on edge! But LinkedIn live streaming isn’t something you should shy away from - embrace it and prepare for it by applying the same principles you would to any other LinkedIn post or video.

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn has always been pretty clear that their focus is business and helping its users to build great business relationships and make online connections that will benefit all parties in a professional capacity, rather than a social capacity. Sometimes the two may combine, and hey - that’s great! There is nothing wrong with mixing business and pleasure every now and then. But the focus of your LinkedIn posts should always be your business. If you apply the same principles to your LinkedIn Live streams you should have nothing to fear.

Here Are 3 LinkedIn Live Streaming Ideas That Could Work Well For Your Business:

  • Broadcast your businesses conferences – If you are holding a conference regarding non-confidential information that your LinkedIn followers could relate to, you could do a live LinkedIn broadcast and involve your LinkedIn connections and page followers.
  • Get members of your team to do Q&As – Your most experienced team members could go live and talk your LinkedIn followers through the questions that your business is most frequently asked. They could even do an ‘Ask Me Anything’ live broadcast and give your LinkedIn connections the opportunity to ask them whatever they like about your business’s products and services.
  • Broadcast from any events that you and your company are attending – If you are exhibiting or presenting at a trade show, do a live broadcast from the event, to let those who were unable to attend see you and your products and services in action.
  • Showcase a finished product or project - If you have recently finished a project, you could broadcast on LinkedIn Live and unveil the end result. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to showcase your work to any followers that have been considering working with you or investing in your products and services.

As I mentioned previously LinkedIn live streaming is not yet available to all - it is still in BETA testing stages - but if you are interested in getting ahead of the game and getting involved with LinkedIn live streaming click here to apply to be among the first LinkedIn live broadcasters. -

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