What is Blab? An Overview of the Social Media App that allows you to Live Stream Content


If you are asking yourself, “What is Blab?”, then pay closer attention. Blab is more than just the latest in social media technology to be introduced to the internet. So, what is Blab? It allows live and interactive conversations between groups of people around a certain topic, or range of topics. To be more precise, Blab is a conversation platform that allows anyone, at the press of a button, to join live conversations of between a group of between two and four people. Blab can be reached via Google Chrome for desktop browsers, while Apple has the app version which will be available to Android users in the near future. Blab is very much like Periscope (read our article on this here) with a few additional Google Hangout and Twitter features thrown into the mix.

With the new trend that has emerged in video streaming and video streaming apps, this trend seems to be just the beginning. Blab has been launched by the innovative Michael Birch, the same guy that introduced the world to Bebo, before Twitter and Facebook took over. So what is Blab going to do for your business? To answer this question we need to get into the issue of content and automated marketing practices. These will be vital assets to your successful incorporation of Blab into your marketing, allowing live and interactive conversations with those interested in what you have to say, or what you are offering.

What is Blab Offering?

Blab offers users the opportunity to engage with one’s audience through a live streaming video. This live stream is hosted by your marketing manager, for example, and gives customers and prospects the opportunity to engage directly with the company representative. As many as four participants can be part of the conversation at any time, while the option to leave one’s seat is available.

What is Blab’s reasoning for this? It allows the conversations to remain fresh through the continued exit and entry of new participants into the conversation. Blab has included a recording feature that allows you to record up to six hours per conversation. Blab’s idea is that anyone can jump in and out of conversations at any time.

What is Blab’s props/feels? These are similar to Facebook likes. They let the host of the live stream know how many people are “feeling” what they are saying. Blab gives companies the opportunity to put a face on the company and thereby remove the faceless corporate image. Blab is a fantastic way to encourage prospects and customers to be more involved by offering live streaming company face time.


What is Blab to your Company?

Blab, if used consistently and correctly, should be the next big thing that is introduced into your marketing strategy, giving users the chance to interact directly with your company and its representatives, giving your company a face that customers can trust. Aside from the four active participants in the conversation, the conversation can also be viewed by a wider audience on Blab. Blab also gives users the option to watch replays of chats they may have missed, and subscribe to scheduled Blabs that have been set. Blab can also be used as a prequel to seminars and big events as a way of attracting an audience, expanding your marketing reach.

Blab’s usefulness toward marketing efforts is further attractive due to the information that can be obtained from the profiles of those who are interested, and show an interest in, what you are Blabbing about. This leaves a new window open for the prospecting of new leads and possible customers. The comments bar further allows for greater customer queries and feedback, giving companies a better chance of understanding their clientele’s needs.

Ending Off

Blab is a great new way of creating personalised interactions with your prospects and customers in real-time, giving your company a trusted face that is literally seen by the public. Feedback from comments and interactive live streaming videos will allow you to engage prospects, and customers like never before, saving you and your company valued time and money.

What is Blab other than a live video streaming site? It is the latest app in this growing field of live streaming and is sure to prove its value as it becomes more and more integrated into future marketing strategies as a tool that will surely drive sales and create greater conversions.

The real winner is the real time interaction that provides both companies and customers with the answers they are looking for immediately, and directly “from the horse’s mouth”. Blab has also created the opportunity for marketers to let their customers and prospects play a part in the company’s marketing efforts by encouraging sharing and re-posting on other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. With this new powerful marketing tool, success is merely a good conversation and a few clicks away.

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