6 Link Building Strategies To Boost Off-Page SEO

Link building tactics to boost off-page SEO

Links form a crucial part of off-page SEO. It's almost impossible for search engines to determine the value of a web page without links, regardless of how fresh or in-depth the page content may be.

That said, link building is not easy because the decision to give inbound links is not at your discretion but rather the decision of other websites. So, how do you control something that is seemingly out of your hand? Below, we highlight six powerful link building strategies you can implement to boost your off-page SEO.

1) Submitting To Website Directories

Getting listed in an influential directory can provide a rapid way to get links.

However, with an increasing number of obviously sleazy directories with subpar editorial guidelines, gaining links from directories is among the link building tactics with the least SEO mojo.

Nonetheless, directories provide an easy way to jump start your link building campaign.

2) Content

Your ability to create compelling, uniquely fresh and high-quality content will make other websites want to reference and link to you naturally, viewing you as a reliable, expert source.

3) Optimise Your Social Media Presence

Though many of the social media platforms provide No Follow links, meaning they will not pass any SEO juice to your website, optimising your social media presence does expose you to a large portion of your potential audience.

This is not to mention that Google is increasingly using social media cues to recognise authoritative websites.

4) Asking

There are certain occasions when it's perfectly acceptable to ask for backlinks politely. For instance, if a fellow blogger has mentioned you or cited your data, it's totally reasonable to reach out to them. You can thank them for the mention, before asking for a link.

5) Guest Blogging

Though guest posting requires more content creation on your part, the results are powerful and lasting. As a blog contributor, you get control over the anchor texts and URLs you're targeting.

6) Leveraging Co-Marketing Partnerships And Initiatives

By leveraging the relationship and reach of a partner, co-marketing will not only boost your link building efforts but also deliver more buzz and awareness, with less work.

The strategies above will allow you to put your linking plan in place and build relationships that will ultimately result in better ranking and increased web traffic.

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