How To Promote Your Small Business On Twitter (Using Both Paid And Organic Methods)

How_To_Promote_Your_Small_Business_On_Twitter_Using_Both_Paid_And_Organic_Methods.pngWhether you have a shop front, your own offices, a website or are totally mobile you understand the value of connecting with customers online. That’s why you’re on twitter and taking an interest in this article! If you have been active on Twitter you are most likely starting to find your voice by tweeting regularly. Hopefully you are starting to work towards building deeper connections with your followers and have good engagement rates. But if you find you are struggling a little, and your tweets are not getting the interaction you think they deserve, try actioning the following tips.

  • Look at who is following your competitors, and follow them! If they are interested in following your competitors it is highly likely that they will also be interested in following you! If you follow them it is highly likely that they will reciprocate.
  • Ask questions. Rather than posting a tweet and hoping for some interaction from your followers actually ask them to interact with you. For example, you could finish a tweet with ‘what do you think?’ or ‘please let us know your thoughts’
  • Look at what things are trending on Twitter and join the conversation
  • Remember your hash tags! So many people forget to hashtag their tweets. Don’t make the same mistake. Adding hashtags to the key phrases within your tweet increases the chances of your tweet being seen by the right people!
  • Follow back! If someone follows you thank them and follow them back, it will make them much more likely to interact with you!
  • Remember to thank each and every single person that interacts with your tweets. If someone likes or retweets one of your tweets thank them with a tweet back, they will appreciate it and it will encourage them to do the same again in the future!

I hope the above tips will help you to improve your organic Twitter marketing results for your small business, but now let’s take a look at your paid options.

It is highly likely that there are thousands of people on Twitter who are yet to hear about your business but if they did they would love it, and potentially become new customers. This is where Twitter’s promoted ads come in. There are two types of promoted ads you can use on Twitter to promote your business. Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets. I will give you a simple breakdown of the two and how they work.


Twitter Promoted Accounts

With promoted accounts Twitter looks at your current followers and searches for people with similar interests to those that are already following you. When it finds a match it will recommend you to them in the who to follow section. This a great option for any business owner that wants to increase their Twitter following and find new targeted followers. The great news is you only pay when someone actually decides to follow you.


Twitters Promoted Tweets

For promoted Tweets, Twitter simply monitors your engagement rates and automatically puts your best tweets in front of more of the right people! It’s as simple as that! you will only need to pay if someone engages with you, so there’s no need to worry about paying out just for showing up on someone’s newsfeed!


Unlike other social media advertising platforms, when creating an ad on Twitter you don’t need to write any new content. Twitter does all the hard work for you by using the best content you already have, which is a bonus for anyone who isn’t keen on content creation.  You can also decide where geographically you want to be found, making Twitter Ads a great option for those who only do business locally, as it’s a brilliant way of finding those that fit your target market. Your Twitter Ads will be promoted on both desktop and mobile devices so you can reach out to your potential new customers even when they are on the move.


Many people who have had bad experiences with social media advertising are concerned about the cost of Twitter Ads, but there’s no need to be because it’s all in your hands. You determin how much you spend on your Twitter campaign, so there are no nasty surprises! I hope you have found the above information useful and I have shed some light on how you can make Twitter work for your small business. If you would like to read more about the benefits of Twitter for business check out the following article. It gives you some great ideas on how to boost your leads on Twitter - Twitter ROI: 4 Ways To Boost Your Leads.