Is Facebook Still An Important Marketing Tool?

Is Facebook Still An Important Marketing Tool

Facebook has been the subject of some huge controversies during the last few years, so you may be wondering whether it's still worth using as a digital marketing tool. The answer to that is a resounding yes! Let's take a look at why you should still be promoting your company on the famous social media platform if you want to improve your bottom line.

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Facebook - A Reliable Platform With Extensive Reach

Facebook has hit the headlines recently because of issues relating to privacy, data losses, algorithm changes, and more. Despite this, however, it's still a reputable platform and a useful tool for anyone developing a social media strategy.

More than two billion people actively use Facebook, so you can utilise it to market your products and services to targeted customers using a range of demographic and workplace criteria. You can use it to boost awareness of your brand, build relationships with potential clients, deliver advertising campaigns, and collect and analyse data.

What Can You Do On Facebook?

Facebook is an exceptionally versatile platform, boasting a host of features that will help you market your company. For example, you can:

1) Create A Dedicated Page For Your Company

Post engaging content to attract interest in your products or services on your own branded page. If you keep this page up to date and reply to customers who contact you through it promptly, it will show that you're responsive and on the ball.

2) Obtain & Analyse Customer Data

You can use Facebook's Audience Insights tool to learn more about people who have connected to your page and about Facebook's users as a whole. This will provide insights into your target market. As a result, you'll be able to create content that will appeal to potential customers, as well as more effective advertising campaigns.

3) Schedule Posts

Automating your Facebook posts will enable you to make the most of your time and ensure that you don't neglect your marketing activities when you're busy with other things.

4) Boost Your Posts

You can pay to 'boost' individual posts so that they'll be seen by more people. You can also use a variety of targeting options to ensure these posts are shown to specific types of users in different locations.

5) Run Paid Advertising Campaigns

Create a range of paid adverts on Facebook and target those adverts to specific groups of customers. You can also monitor and analyse the results so that you can improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

6) Stream Live Videos

You can embed videos on your Facebook page, and you can also broadcast live. That means you can talk to potential customers directly and make them feel like they are part of your company's events.

Find Out More

Facebook, therefore, has a lot to offer businesses in all sectors, so it should certainly feature in your digital marketing plan. For more information about how using it could help you to achieve your goals, contact our knowledgeable advisors today.

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