How Successful Was Your Website In 2017? What You Need To Review For This Year

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As we start the new year of 2018 it comes the time where we start reviewing the previous year gone by. This is even more important when you review your year from a business perspective. Reviewing your year from a business perspective will help to see whether or not your previous year was a successful or not. When it comes to sales and turnover you will already know how successful your year was but do you know how successful your website was? In this article, I will be discussing what you need to review in order to be able to see whether or not your website has performed as well as it should have.

Let’s start with the fist area to review…

Review Your Website Traffic For The Last 12 Months

Although your website traffic doesn’t prove exactly how successful your website has been throughout the last 12 months it does, however, give an indication as to the progress of your website. You simply need to download your websites traffic data and review how traffic has progressed throughout this time period. If you’re currently investing in marketing for your website you would expect your traffic to have increased. When viewing this data you will be able to see which months were the most popular for your websites and which months were a bit slower. From here you will then be able to plan on producing more content around your popular months.

Review The Number Of Website Submissions

The next area to review is to see how many people actually submitted your website forms. This will give you an indication as to how many people have actually taken action on your website and contacted you through your website forms. If it’s the case that you have other landing pages on your website you need to take these submissions into account too. Once you have the complete numbers for the previous year you then need to work out your conversion rate of how many people actually filled out the forms compared to how many views you had. Again this will give you a benchmark and will give you a goal as to where you need to be.

Review The Quality Of Website Submissions

After reviewing the total number of website submissions you then need to work out the actual quality of these submissions. By this I mean see what submissions have come in and whether or not they were a fit for your business and what happened after their submission. After completing this task you will be able to see whether your website is converting the people you’re after all not. If it’s the case that you can see a large number of website submissions are people who are not a fit for your business or people who didn’t turn into anything you need to review the content of your website. The reason for this is because you need to make sure you’re speaking to the people who are much more likely to take action and use your service. If a large number of people are not fitting this persona you need to take action.

Set Up For The Year Ahead…

If you already have some ideas as to what you’re going to do with your website, great! If you haven’t given it a thought at all you need to get your thinking cap on. Any form of Digital Marketing will help your business but if you’re serious about wanting results you will invest in every form of marketing available. If you need help with the next step simply get in touch and speak to one of our experts.

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