8 Features That Make HubSpot Easy to Use

8 Features That Make HubSpot Easy to Use

Using new platforms and tools can be a nerve-wracking process, particularly if you're not particularly tech-savvy. However, if you're considering using HubSpot to help you with your sales, marketing and customer services activities, there's no need to feel intimidated. This well-respected platform may be packed with features, but it's also user-friendly – and, as with most types of technology, the more you use it, the easier the process becomes. So, what makes HubSpot such a convenient option? Let's take a look at some of its advantages.

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1) Clear Navigation Options

When you first use HubSpot, you'll notice that finding your way around the portal is simple. Its tools are grouped together in a logical manner, while its menus are clear and consistent. That means you'll be able to streamline your work processes with ease, boosting efficiency.

2) Customisation

You can change the settings on your dashboard so you can see the information that's important to you immediately. You can also tailor HubSpot’s reports to suit your needs and set appropriate levels of access for different members of your team.

3) Records Are Clear & Easy To Manage

HubSpot uses four record types (contacts, companies, deals, and tickets) so your data is well-organised and simple to access. Creating, viewing and amending your records through the dashboard are also hassle-free processes.

4) It's Simple To Track The Progression Of A Deal/Opportunity

You can keep on top of your progress by creating deal (opportunity) pipelines for specific sales opportunities in the "Deal Pipelines and Stages" area of your account. You and your team will then be able to see how far each deal has moved down the pipeline, enabling you to monitor your win/loss ratio and your return on investment (ROI).

5) Customisable Notifications

You can set up user notifications to remind you when you need to complete certain tasks or when activity takes place on your account. You can opt to receive desktop, email and mobile notifications, as well as "floating" notifications, which will appear whenever you're logged in to your HubSpot account.

6) Versatile Reporting

You can access a host of different reports via your HubSpot account, enabling you to monitor your progress and identify areas for improvement. You can access these reports when you're logged in to the platform, download them or request them at scheduled intervals by email.

7) Extensive Training Material

HubSpot is well-known for the impressive amount of training material that it provides. Not only will you be able to access step-by-step instructions to help you carry out particular tasks, such as setting up landing pages or creating forms, you'll also find a wealth of helpful information within the "Resources" and "Community" sections of the HubSpot site. Working with a UK HubSpot partner like JDR also gives you a training boost, as you’ll have instant access to a team of professionals who have already put in the groundwork mastering the application, and can demonstrate its practical benefits.

8) Prompt Customer Service

If you can't find the answer to a query on the HubSpot website or encounter a problem that you can't resolve, contacting the platform's support team is simple. You can raise a ticket by email and you should receive a response within one or two working days. Again, your HubSpot agency partner should be able to resolve most service queries immediately without the need to wait for a response from HubSpot.

Give HubSpot A Try

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All in all, therefore, whether you've used HubSpot before or you're a complete novice, you should find it easy to use. However, you'll still need to have effective sales, marketing, and customer service strategies in place if you want to get the most out of the platform. We advise speaking to a business development agency, like JDR, before you invest in HubSpot on your own. As HubSpot Platinum Partners, we have the expertise you need and can provide dedicated HubSpot training sessions to help you on your journey. Call 01332 343281 today to discuss your options.

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