Enhancing Valentine's Day Marketing with HubSpot Analytics


There’s often nothing that says romance better than some data analytics, and especially so if you are one of the many business owners for whom Valentine’s Day is an important financial date in your annual calendar.

For many retailers and hospitality businesses, Valentine’s Day doesn’t fall much short of Christmas and Mother’s Day in terms of earnings potential, and with a lot of consumers on a tight budget since the cost-of-living crisis, it’s important to know where to focus your marketing and sales efforts in order to achieve the greatest revenues.

HubSpot Analytics can help you with this and so much more. If the cost-of-living crisis and the years since Covid have proved anything, it’s that people are still willing to spend money on life’s little luxuries and pleasures, even if they need to be more careful planning their spending. The responsibility is on retailers and service providers to give them a reason to spend that money with them by demonstrating genuine value, and positioning their offerings in the right way.

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What is HubSpot Analytics?

HubSpot Analytics is not a stand-alone ‘Hub’, or module of the platform, but is rather an integral part of HubSpot’s suite of marketing, sales, and customer service tools, available to all HubSpot users. HubSpot Analytics gives you crucial insights into any user behaviour logged or recorded through the platform, including website traffic and source, campaign performance, and behavioural patterns.

These tools can help you optimise your Valentine’s Day marketing in several ways, with important learning points for this year’s and next year’s campaigns. Insights include:

  1. Find out how well your Valentines landing pages and Valentine -related product pages are performing, with a real-time overview of page views, session duration, and bounce rate, understanding how your target customers are interacting with your brand material and messages.
  2. Map the customer journey from the moment they make contact with your business, including their traffic source (e.g. from a paid Valentines-themed advert on social media or Google), pages they visit, emails they open, purchases they’ve made, and much more, helping you tailor your marketing efforts to the needs and behavioural preferences of individual users.
  3. Improve your ROI and measure the success of your Valentines marketing year-on-year, by keeping track of click through rates, app downloads, conversion rates, gross revenues generated, and ROI, by campaign, by region, by buyer persona or segment, or by individual customer, among other important metrics. HubSpot Analytics is fully customisable, so you can set up your monitoring and analytics system to align with your business model and objectives.
  4. Keep your team and stakeholders on the same page through a range of customised reports that help you drill down into specific aspects of your marketing strategy to make targeted improvements.

Ultimately, analysing your Valentine’s Day marketing efforts helps you to know which marketing and sales activities are driving the most conversions and sales, helping you focus your resources on the best performing channels, content mediums, and special offers.

HubSpot Analytics – not just for lovebirds

HubSpot Analytics is not just for Valentine’s Day, nor even just for B2C or retail businesses. Any business that engages in digital marketing through the HubSpot platform stands to benefit from its range of easy-to-use and very insightful analytics tools. To find out more about how to use HubSpot Analytics and how it can help save you money and boost your returns from marketing, please give one of our inbound specialists a call today on 01332 215152.

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