JDR Group Combine Their Efforts In Support Of Cancer Research Charity Fundraising

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The vital work of Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research organises a variety of exciting fundraising events every year to develop medical advancements which provide funds for medical advancements towards cancer cures.

Thousands of people will be taking part in 230 Race For Life Events around the UK this year and a range of other events to support those fighting different cancer illnesses. An example of a key medical advancement for breast Cancer has meant in the 1970’s about 5 out of 10 women with breast cancer survived the disease - now it is more than 8 out of 10.

Channel 4 will be joining forces with Cancer Research UK in October with the Stand Up to Cancer Campaign, to provide entertainment for the week but with the primary focus to encourage people to support the charity with a small donation. Last year the fundraising total they received was over £8million, showing that there is widespread support in the fight against Cancer.

JDR's Support for Cancer Research UK

Leanne Mordue (@leanneatJDR), Director at the JDR Group and Shelby Norton (@shelbyystormm) successfully took part in the Derby Race For Life Event on Sunday 13th July, raising money for Cancer Research UK through baking delicious cakes for the office staff and through an office own clothes day.

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There are over 230 Race For Life events across the UK and 2 brand new events have been introduced including Race for Life Twilight and Race for Life Pretty Muddy, which are raising money to beat all 200 types of Cancer sooner. The Race For Life Events began in 1994 and are supported in aid of the charity by thousands of people of various ages. The National Cancer Research Institute drives forward cancer research projects and in 2002 £257million was spent and now the figure is over £500million per year, with an increase of nearly double within 10 years.

Fantastic fundraising events organised by Cancer Research UK

The Cancer Research charity organises a fantastic range of events in the UK and Europe including the Race For Life events. All events are completely diverse such as Ride UK 24, for cyclists with a route between Newcastle and London in 24 hours. There will also be various open water wwims such as in Marlow and London as well as Triathlons such as in Berlin. They also have the Battersea Power Station abseiling events where you have the chance to abseil down the side of the Power Station and Charity Ball events. Another unique event starting for the first time ever in the UK this month is the Colour Run in Manchester. Interestingly everyone taking part in the event is sprayed with different colours throughout to create a festival of bright colours. Other exciting events include dog shows and walking marathons, all in aid of raising the awareness of Cancer illnesses and everyone joining together to raise essential research funds to try and diminish Cancer illnesses.     

Importance of an Online and Digital Marketing Presence

Charities maximise their online presence through their websites, social media and advertising channels to try and encourage donations and support from the public and businesses to reduce the impact of various illnesses.

Here at the JDR Group we continue to support charities such as Cancer Research UK to provide that extra support needed to continue vital research funds.