NEW! 'The Ultimate Small Business Guide To Mobile Marketing'

Everything you need to know about reaching your customers on their smart phones and tablets

It may have taken several months and a trip to New York, but finally it's here: 'The Ultimate Small Business Guide To Mobile Marketing'. This is a 29 page guide to the world of smart phones and tablets - and how to use them to attract customers. For a small business owner or marketer this answers every question:

- What are mobile websites?

- What are mobile apps?

- Do I need a mobile app or a mobile website?

- How does M-commerce affect me?

- How can I use QR Codes?

- How do I integrate mobile marketing with other campaigns?

- How do I get people to download my app?

We are currently giving this away as a FREE download, so hurry over and grab your copy now.


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A big part of the book concentrates on mobile applications - what they are, how they help businesses, and how to promote them.

You see, at first mobile apps were just games and lifestyle tools (social media apps, photos, calendars etc.). 

Then, big brands saw the opportunity (or should that be app-ortunity?). McDonlads, Dominos, John Lewis, Tesco and many more all created their apps and had hundreds of thousands, even millions of downloads.

Now it's the turn of small businesses.