A Warning For Business Owners In 2023 - The Digital Prosperity Podcast - Season 5, Episode 12

Two chess pieces with one fallen over owned by a business owner that has not developed their business with the times and the second still standing owned by a business owner who has a evolving marketing strategy

2022 was a challenging year for the UK and the broader economy, with the rising inflation, recession, and the ongoing war in Ukraine leaving a lasting effect on small and medium-sized businesses to remain operational. However, the general feeling is that most businesses that JDR Group have been in contact with haven’t been as greatly affected as anticipated, which is a promising sign for 2023.

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In the marketing world, there continues to be a shift towards several trends, such as increased personalisation, social media, the rise of AI in content creation, and improved development of website technology, making it easier to set up a website or eCommerce site than ever before and much more.

However, small and medium-sized businesses still need to be careful in 2023 with their marketing strategy and day-to-day operations. This was the topic of discussion for JDR Group Directors Will Williamson and David Roberts in this episode of the Digital Prosperity Podcast.

Digital Marketing Is Key To Company Longevity

For small and medium-sized business owners, the goal is to grow an extensive customer base to gain regular profit. To achieve this, standing out from your competitors is essential, and a great way to accomplish this is to incorporate an effective digital marketing strategy.

By using digital within your business operations and marketing, you’ll be seen as an innovator and someone who won’t be sitting on their hands and hoping for something good to come. For businesses, incorporating digital technology into your business can help you effectively analyse what changes need to be made to continue appealing to your ideal customers, especially if your competitors are doing the same.

Growth Is Key

The world is changing, with new competitors in your industry emerging and growing with the developments in the technology they use. For business owners to achieve goals and targets and attract customers, you’ll need to evaluate how to improve your business's core regularly. 

Whether it’s your customer service, products, marketing, sales, or finances, if you continue to work on those processes and the growth of those involved, your business will be destined for success in 2023.

This is often overlooked by businesses that see themselves as comfortable whilst unaware of emerging competitors and trends. Those businesses are more likely to go backwards if changes aren’t being made.

Use Your Website Effectively

Websites have evolved since the first web page went live in 1991. For a long time, they weren’t seen as a valuable commodity for businesses, with customers often being found through word-of-mouth or physical advertising such as leaflets, billboards, posters etc. 

However, in 2023, websites are now a vital digital marketing tool for businesses to attract new customers while maintaining their current customer base. A presentable website with consistently engaging blog content makes you more than likely to attract new customers to contact you regarding your products or services.

Business owners will face various challenges when managing their websites. A robust CMS (Content Management System) such as HubSpot is the foundation for a reputable digital presence to improve your business when regularly posting and updating content. This will also be beneficial when considering future decisions, as there are metrics attached that you can regularly track.

If you’re a small or medium-sized business looking to improve your digital marketing strategy, please get in touch today.

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