Two Incredible Books For Growth & Success

Two Incredible Books For Growth & Success

Do you remember our Book Club? Click here to refresh your memory. Every month at JDR we recommend one book that’ll really be worth your time, and this month’s feature is an extra special treat – yes, we’ve got not just one book for your reading list, but TWO!

Two books?! Better grab a coffee, block out some time, and get stuck in!

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The first of these books that I recommend is a book called Bright Marketing. It was released over a decade ago, and I personally read it for the first time around 12 years ago! So why am I bringing it up now? You guessed it… I’m bringing this book up because it is still relevant today.

It’s a guide for business owners and managers that lays out marketing in simple language with clear action steps. One of my favourite things about this book is how interactive it is. Bright Marketing isn’t just great advice; it’s full of activities, too. The author, Robert Craven, encourages you to score and rate your business and where you currently are, which helps you to map out exactly how far away you are from where you want to be, and then plot the best route to your ultimate business goals. This is a book that really shows you the possibilities that are right in front of you and what you can achieve by making the most of what you already have. It’s a highly motivational book (and it looks great on my bookshelf, too!) so I definitely recommend you grab yourself a copy.

My second recommendation of the month is a brand-new release, which is always exciting. I like to take my time with new books because there’s always a lot to absorb – while classic books give you that wise, timeless advice, newer books are often packed full of the latest theories, innovations and crazy ideas!

I’m about 50% through this second book that took me completely by surprise… The Fear Bubble: Beat Your Fears and Embrace Your Future by Ant Middleton.

I bet you weren’t expecting that! Not everything I read is directly to do with marketing. There are a lot of incredible ideas and concepts out there that you can apply to your business marketing, and I often find those ideas in places I least expected it.

If you’ve not heard of Ant Middleton, he’s an ex-SAS soldier. You might know this guy from the Channel 4 series SAS. In the programme, ex-Special Forces soldiers put a group of regular men through the SAS’s selection process. It’s a real test of strength, endurance and mental resilience – and a lot of it comes down to overcoming fear.

But driven by what he has had to endure and overcome as a soldier and what he’s taken from his life in the Army into his later life, Ant Middleton has now written The Fear Bubble and I’m absolutely blown away by it – and I’m only halfway through!

Fear stops growth, fear stops success, and fear stops you doing what is important to you. The book, as you can probably guess, is about what you can do if you feel trapped by fear, and what you can do to break through those barriers and achieve what you want without letting fear get in the way.

So, those are my two book recommendations this month and, as it’s nearly December, both of them will make great Christmas presents – I know I’d be happy to find either one under my tree!

Keep an eye on our Book Club feature because there’s loads more to come. I don’t recommend just any old book to you – I recommend what I really believe will help you.

Stay tuned and see you next time at the JDR Book Club!

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