New LinkedIn Premium Pages - What You Need To Know


LinkedIn company pages give you an easy-to-use platform to showcase your business to your connections, engage with fellow professionals and customers, share updates, and publish content. It’s a great way of getting your business name out there, building credibility on LinkedIn, and driving leads to your website – and all you need to set up a company page is a personal LinkedIn account. Starting in June 2024, LinkedIn is rolling out significant improvements to the way company pages work, with its Premium Company Page service.

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What are Premium Company Pages?

Premium company pages are essentially more advanced versions of LinkedIn standard company pages, coming with a suite of tools to help your business stand out more effectively and convert more visitors. Final features of the service are still to be confirmed, but there are expected to be at least seven important perks for SME users:

1. Custom Call-To-Action Buttons

Add tailored CTA buttons to your page – e.g. contact us, learn more, sign up, and so on – directing users to take specific actions to support your marketing campaign and company objectives.

2. Visitor Lists

Gain crucial insights into who has visited your company page, including their location, industry, and job title, helping you understand your audience better and personalise your content or advertising strategy accordingly.

3. Custom Testimonials

Use your premium page to directly showcase testimonials and case studies, building social proof and trust among prospects and increasing your business’s credibility on LinkedIn.

4. AI-Powered Writing Assistance

Premium pages are expected to come with AI writing assistant tools to help you produce content for your pages. While you might find this useful for time-saving reasons, personally we recommend using handwritten content on your company page, or your page content could sound the same in style and tone as every other page produced using this tool. We also don’t know how varied or ‘natural sounding’ LinkedIn’s AI software is compared to other applications.

5. Auto-Invites

This tool will enable automatic invitations to be sent to potential followers or connections to follow or like your company page, streamlining the process of growing your audience.

6. LinkedIn Premium Logo

Though unconfirmed, a LinkedIn premium logo could signify your business’s investment into your LinkedIn presence, potentially adding greater prestige to your page and indicating a heightened level of activity and presence on the platform.

7. Higher organic reach / visibility for Premium Pages

Premium pages will probably benefit from preferential visibility on LinkedIn’s search algorithms, making your page more likely to appear in organic searches.

What will Premium Company Pages cost?

Unfortunately, UK prices haven’t yet been confirmed, but premium company pages are expected to be available on a subscription basis, with payment made per page. The subscription will be independent of your current free or premium LinkedIn personal accounts, so if you are already a LinkedIn premium user, your company pages won’t automatically be upgraded to premium pages.

An American blog published in April suggested ‘$100 a month’ to access the new features – so this would be £80 per month, give or take.

Should I upgrade my company page?

There won’t be any obligation for existing users to upgrade their company page to a premium page. However, if you already use LinkedIn Premium, investing in a premium page could give you greater returns from your LinkedIn marketing by expanding your visibility and credibility on the platform. The increased brand differentiation and conversions that come with a premium page, for example, could convert more visitors into leads and make it easier for you to secure sales and establish business partnerships through the platform.

It’s worth weighing up the potential costs and benefits of a premium company page when more information becomes available, so you can make an informed decision for your business.

What next?

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