Instagram Sends Users Into Meltdown After Announcing Their Upcoming Update

Instagram_Sends_Users_Into_Meltdown_After_Announcing_Their_Upcoming_Update.jpg Instagram have recently announced on their blog that they are going to be changing the way they show results in user feeds. The Social Media platform seems to be following suit with the likes of Facebook and more recently Twitter.

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At the moment, Instagram currently shows content from the users you like in a chronological order but they plan on changing this so you see the content you care about first. Continue reading this article to learn more about the update and what you need to know...

Why Now?

Instagram stated on their official blog that the majority of users miss on average 70 percent of their feeds! This means it has become harder to keep up to date with posts you might care about the most. Instagram stated that the new update will be your feed and will be ordered to show the content they believe you care about and like most, to improve the user experience. They have also stated that all posts will 

still be in your feed but just in a different order. Here is a quote from their blog which sums up what they aim to do really well:

“If your favourite musician shares a video from last night’s concert, it will be waiting for you when you wake up, no matter how many accounts you follow or what time zone you live in.”

When Will The Update Happen?

If you are worried that people are going to stop seeing your posts tomorrow there is no need to be. Instagram have said that they are going to be testing the update for a while and will take the time needed to get it right, by listening to user feedback etc. There isn't an official time as to when the new Instagram feed update will roll out yet, but they stated that we'll see the new experience in the coming months.

Should I Urge My Followers To Turn on Post Notifications?

Talk of the new update has sent a vast amount of popular people, celebrities and influencers into meltdown, urging their followers to turn on post notifications if they still want to see their content! However, as the update isn't coming for a few months there is no need to take any action like this just yet.

When the update does arrive though it is worth monitoring your likes, comments and interaction on Instagram for a few weeks to see how it is affected. You never know, it could even improve interaction! But, if you do see a huge drop in likes and comments then it would definitely be worth asking your followers kindly to turn on post notifications for you. You could let them know through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media platforms. You could even send out an email to your lists!

Will The Update Help My Business?

Although this is not a question we have a solid answer for, as the update hasn't been released yet, I personally believe that the update could well help your business’ Instagram account in a positive way. Think about it, if the update works how Instagram have stated it will, then if a follower is interested in the things you offer they are sure to see more of your posts, more often. Meaning anyone who does interact is going to be a better prospect and will have a better chance of becoming a customer in the future.

Things You Can Do On Instagram To Help Your Business Account Right Now

If you aren't currently seeing interaction on your Instagram page and not getting the results you desire then follow some of these simple tips below to start getting more from your business Instagram account today.

Special Offers and Competitions

Special offers and competitions are always a great way to boost activity on any Social Media platform, including Instagram. This could work particularly well if you are an e-commerce business that can offer a 10 per cent discount on bulk orders or free shipping etc. Those are just a couple of examples. You could also run a competition in conjunction with Instagram ads. It could be something like, comment or like this picture for a chance to win X at the end of the month. This moves us nicely onto my next tip.

Instagram Ads

Yes these are paid but they can boost your likes, follower count and even conversions considerably. You can create various ad styles, including photo, carousel and video depending on what you want to promote. Instagram ads can be used to send people directly to your website with a call to action, gain more reach and frequency plus much more! You can find out more about advertising with Instagram here -

Tell Others About Your Page!

This is probably the easiest point on my list for you to implement. To get more Instagram followers and increase activity simply talk about your page online or offline. You could do all or any of the following;

  • Share your Instagram page on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media outlets.
  • Send an email about your Instagram page to your database list.
  • Add a link directly to your Instagram page from your website.
  • Talk about your Instagram in the media.
  • Tell your family, friends and anyone you know about the page and ask them to share it.

Learn more about using Instagram effectively for business here: Instagram Social Media Marketing For Business


The Instagram update is coming, not today but it will arrive. No, you don't need to be worried but remember to keep an eye out for the effect it has, positive or negative and take action accordingly. In the meantime, if you can implement some of the tips I have also mentioned above then you will start getting more from your Instagram page and will get closer to the results you deserve. Once the update has happened we would love to hear your experiences with it and what you have noticed, whether a positive or negative impact. Comment below...

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