How To Use Facebook Ads In Conjunction With Tools In Order To Optimise Your Inbound Marketing


The more ads I see that interest me, the more likely I am to click on them. The more I click on them, the more likely I'll be to actually purchase something. The more I purchase something and like it, the more likely I am to become loyal to the brand.

With all due credit to Facebook we can now use their products ads feature, with the newer feature of the target ads. By providing this combination to your audience you can give them a very a powerful offering.

Although clicks may not seem that big of a deal, they are what essentially determine how long your prospect is most likely to stay with you. Ensuring that your prospect stays with you for months and potentially years, starts here. Those first couple of seconds of the ad give the person behind the screen the choice to either start that long-term relationship or to just leave it at that one click. The power you hold here is through the tools that you use so they are able to relate and build trust after that click.

It's been very interesting seeing how fast and powerful Facebook has become. Facebook was already known for being able to target specific audiences and now they're able to refine it even more!

Converting the banner from inactive to moving has been known to increase click through rates. Facebook is very smart to add this feature because it allows the customer to see multiple products that are tailored to their specific interests.

Lets take a closer look at some of the tools that you can use in conjunction with the Facebook features to help you gain traffic on your ads.


A call-to-action provides the next logical step for a visitor. To learn more about visitors read this article here - What Is 'Inbound Marketing', What Does It Mean, And Why Should I Care?

It is a button promoting an offer that your business is giving away. The call-to-action links to a landing page, which captures a visitors contact information through a form. This turns the visitor into a lead.

To make your ad effective, you need to encourage your audience to take an action. It can be seen as the most important part of your ad, as it is here that people will make their decision to click or stop.

Considerations for your call-to-action:

  • Include key words that will encourage people to take an action, consistent with the offer of the ad. Show that you understand your buyer persona through your keywords; ''complimentary'' as opposed to ''free''.
  • Rather than to promote your business, offer something that is useful to the prospect. Most people are probably not interested in buying your product, they need information that contains content that relates to them. If you offer them something that is useful which links them back to your products/services they will most likely come back to you.
  • Make it attention-grabbing. Consider the accent colours on your ad and call-to-action.
  • Keep your call-to-action short and to the point. Just as you are busy, your prospect is probably too. Show some personality and keep it simple. When writing your call to action, limit business babble and jargon! Word length doesn't make you look any better than anyone else, but your humanity does!

Landing Pages

The sole purpose of the landing page is to convert website visitors into leads. It promotes an offer, asking visitors to fill out a form with their information in order to get it. Landing pages are the heart of the lead conversion process.

Landing pages work because they're based on a value exchange. You give an offer, and your visitor gives their information in order to get it.

A quick way to establish credibility and build a relationship is to offer something in your original ad that you instantly deliver in your landing page.

Considerations for your landing pages:

  • Write a clear, action- orientated header.
  • Explain the offer, how it is beneficial and it's value in 1-5 sentences.
  • Use numbers, bullets and bolding so that it is easily digestible and not too overwhelming.
  • Include a relevant image. The image should clearly depict what the offer is.


The logic between the connection of ads and tools is pretty straightforward. If you are able to entice a customer with an ad that promises something that indirectly links back to your products or services, then they have shown interest in you. If you want the people clicking on your ads to come back to you then it is essential that you do this. The new feature is a very smart and genius way to up Facebook's presence in the advertising world and offers companies a great way to reach their target audience. Bravo Facebook, bravo!

New Call-to-action

Article by Yasirah Fatimah